live-config - Live System Configuration Components

Distribution: Debian Sid
Repository: Debian Main i386
Package name: live-config
Package version: 5.20170914
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Package architecture: all
Package type: deb
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    Source package: live-config

    Install Howto

    1. Update the package index:
      # sudo apt-get update
    2. Install live-config deb package:
      # sudo apt-get install live-config


    2017-09-14 - Raphaël Hertzog <> live-config (5.20170914) unstable; urgency=medium [ Алексей Шилин ] * Add components/0085-sddm to configure autologin for KDE / Plasma live images. Closes: #865382. [ Raphaël Hertzog ] * Setting of keyboard configuration broke now that udev starts before live-config so we force a reload of the configuration for the input sub-system with udevadm. cf.

    2017-08-29 - Raphaël Hertzog <> live-config (5.20170829) unstable; urgency=medium * Export LANG environment variable to systemd. * Merge locales-all component into the locales one. It was not doing anything useful on its own and it was buggy (was always setting LANG="" in /etc/profile.d/ This bug was breaking the locale in GNOME Wayland sessions whereas Xorg sessions were rescued by the fact that /etc/gdm3/Xsession overrides LANG with the content of GDM_LANG. * Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.0. * Bump debhelper compat level to 10.

    2017-06-23 - Raphaël Hertzog <> live-config (5.20170623) unstable; urgency=medium * Drop "Before=udev.service" in live-config-systemd.service as it breaks the boot process when you have multiple partitions mounted as part of Closes: #827665, #855085 * Move Setup_network definition to a shared file and include it where it is needed. Closes: #858013

    2017-03-16 - Raphaël Hertzog <> live-config (5.20170316) unstable; urgency=medium * Call "setupcon -k" ourselves to make the new keyboard configuration active. Closes: #854004 * Add myself in Uploaders.

    2017-01-12 - Raphaël Hertzog <> live-config (5.20170112) unstable; urgency=medium * Team upload. * Don't force the vboxvideo Xorg driver when virtualbox-guest-x11 is installed. It's harmful when we use the kernel driver. Closes: #831384 Thanks to intrigeri and Rohan Garg. * Use dbus-run-session instead of dbus-launch to run gsettings. Thanks to Simon McVittie for the report. Closes: #836102 * Support xorg-driver=noproprietary to not override Xorg's auto-detection of the driver (live-config does that by default for cards supported by the fglrx/nvidia drivers if they are installed). Thanks to Wolfgang Scheicher for the initial patch. Closes: #808732

    2016-06-08 - Raphaël Hertzog <> live-config (5.20160608) unstable; urgency=medium * Team upload. * Replace components/0170-systemd with a systemd generator so that we don't reload systemd in the middle of the boot sequence. This really fixes the boot delay experienced with systemd 230. * Improve ordering of live-config.service so that it runs after the local filesystems have been mounted. * Rely on dh_systemd_enable to enable the service instead of shipping a symlink in the package.