initramfs-tools-core - generic modular initramfs generator (core tools)

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Package filename initramfs-tools-core_0.135_all.deb
Package name initramfs-tools-core
Package version 0.135
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Maintainer Debian kernel team <>
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initramfs-tools-core_0.135_all.deb 0.135 all Debian Main
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coreutils >= 8.24
cpio >= 2.12
e2fsprogs << 1.45.3-1~
klibc-utils >= 2.0.4-8~
kmod -
logsave -
udev -


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initramfs-tools << 0.121~


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Binary Package initramfs-tools-core_0.135_all.deb
Source Package initramfs-tools

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install initramfs-tools-core deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install initramfs-tools-core




2019-08-21 - Ben Hutchings <>
initramfs-tools (0.135) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Topi Miettinen ]
* [eb98d2e] init: /dev can be noexec and /run nodev
[ Alper Nebi Yasak ]
* [43488a3] hook-functions: Handle spi-rockchip hidden dependency on pl330
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [116ce5c] autopkgtest: Only test hook and boot scripts from specific
2019-07-28 - Ben Hutchings <>
initramfs-tools (0.134) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [8aeae9f] hooks/resume: Disable resume when there are no suitable swap
devices. Thanks to Trek <> (Closes: #916696)
* [40f6647] hook-functions: Include all keyboard driver modules when
MODULES=most. Thanks to Alper Nebi Yasak <>
* [797e5fe] hook-functions: Include cros_ec_spi and SPI drivers when
MODULES=most. Thanks to Alper Nebi Yasak <>
* [f65627d] resume: Set plymouth status only if there is a suspend image
(Closes: #928736)
* [c31a908] hook-functions: Fix copy_file with target of "/bin"
(Closes: #928689)
* [8a29ef3] scripts/functions: Use "reboot -f" to reboot on panic.
Thanks to Michael Niewöhner <> (Closes: #923165)
* [da9f53e] unmkinitramfs: Work around lz4cat filename check.
Thanks to Dimitri John Ledkov <> (Closes: #930366)
* [cf7bb4b] initramfs-tools-core: Depend on logsave or older e2fsprogs
(Closes: #932854)
* [8570718] update-initramfs(8): Document -d option as "delete" instead of
* [fffe514] update-initramfs(8): Update description of "-k all" option
[ Benjamin Drung ]
* [5e94f22] autopkgtest: Check also
[ Alper Nebi Yasak ]
* [994d698] hook-functions: Include extcon-usbc-cros-ec when MODULES=most
* [4e3496a] hook-functions: Include extcon drivers when MODULES=dep
[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [37dcf3d] mkinitramfs: suppress warning when using bzip2 or lzma
(Closes: #930754)

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