nvidia-installer-cleanup - cleanup after driver installation with the nvidia-installer

Property Value
Distribution Debian 9 (Stretch)
Repository Debian Contrib amd64
Package name nvidia-installer-cleanup
Package version 20151021+4
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
Installed size 51 B
Download size 18.85 KB
Official Mirror ftp.br.debian.org
This package ensures that no remnants of the non-free NVIDIA graphics
drivers that were installed with the nvidia-installer remain on the
system. Such an installation conflicts with the packaged drivers.
Furthermore using the nvidia-installer to install a new version of the
drivers is prevented as long as this package is installed.


Package Version Architecture Repository
nvidia-installer-cleanup_20151021+4_i386.deb 20151021+4 i386 Debian Contrib
nvidia-installer-cleanup - - -


Name Value
debconf >= 0.5
debconf-2.0 -


Name Value
cuda-repo-ubuntu1204 -
nvidia-current -
nvidia-current-updates -
nvidia-driver-binary -


Type URL
Binary Package nvidia-installer-cleanup_20151021+4_amd64.deb
Source Package nvidia-support

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install nvidia-installer-cleanup deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install nvidia-installer-cleanup




See nvidia-support_20151021+4_amd64.deb changelog.

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