libtest-checkdeps-perl - check for presence of dependencies

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Distribution Debian 8 (Jessie)
Repository Debian Main i386
Package name libtest-checkdeps-perl
Package version 0.010
Package release 1
Package architecture all
Package type deb
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Test::CheckDeps adds a test that assures all dependencies have been
installed properly. If requested, it can bail out all testing on error.


Package Version Architecture Repository
libtest-checkdeps-perl_0.010-1_all.deb 0.010 all Debian Main
libtest-checkdeps-perl - - -


Name Value
libcpan-meta-check-perl >= 0.007
libcpan-meta-perl >= 2.120920
libmodule-metatadata-perl -
perl >= 5.14
perl -


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Binary Package libtest-checkdeps-perl_0.010-1_all.deb
Source Package libtest-checkdeps-perl

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install libtest-checkdeps-perl deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install libtest-checkdeps-perl




2013-12-11 - gregor herrmann <>
libtest-checkdeps-perl (0.010-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Team upload.
* New upstream release.
* Make Vcs-Git URL canonical.
* Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.5.
2013-10-01 - intrigeri <>
libtest-checkdeps-perl (0.008-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Team upload.
[ upstream ]
+ Switch back to MakeMaker.
+ Bump prereq on CPAN::Meta::Check to 0.007.
[ intrigeri ]
* Include (not
* Update package relations:
+ Drop dependency on libmodule-build-tiny-perl.
+ Version dependency on libcpan-meta-check-perl (>= 0.007).
+ Allow CPAN::Meta to be provided by perl (>= 5.14).
2013-07-15 - Jonas Smedegaard <>
libtest-checkdeps-perl (0.006-1) unstable; urgency=low
[ upstream ]
* New release.
+ Require CPAN::Meta::Check 0.004.
+ Explicitly require CPAN::Meta 2.120920.
+ Switch to Module::Build::Tiny.
[ Jonas Smedegaard ]
* Include (not
* Update package relations:
+ Tighten to (build-)depend versioned on libcpan-meta-perl.
+ Build-depend on libmodule-build-tiny-perl.
+ Tighten to build-depend versioned on cdbs: Needed for
2013-06-08 - Jonas Smedegaard <>
libtest-checkdeps-perl (0.004-1) unstable; urgency=low
[ upstream ]
* New release.
+ Sort dependencies before displaying them.
+ check_dependencies() can now optionally also test recommended and
suggested prerequisites.
+ Reinstate loading of CPAN::Meta.
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* Use canonical host ( in Vcs-Git URI.
[ Jonas Smedegaard ]
* Add README.source emphasizing file as *not* a
show-stopper for contributions, referring to wiki page for details.
* Add git URL as alternate source.
* Stop tracking md5sum of upstream tarball.
* Remove debian/source/local-options: abort-on-upstream-changes and
unapply-patches are default in dpkg-source since 1.16.1.
* Bump dephelper compatibility level to 8.
* Bump standards-version to 3.9.4.
* Fix use comment and license pseudo-sections in copyright file to
obey silly restrictions of copyright format 1.0.
* Bump packaging license to GPL-3+, and extend copyrigt coverage for
myself to include current year.
* Relax to build-depend unversioned on cdbs: Needed version satisfied
even in oldstable.
2012-05-09 - Jonas Smedegaard <>
libtest-checkdeps-perl (0.002-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Initial packaging release.
Closes: bug#672163.

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