libreoffice-report-builder - LibreOffice component for building database reports

Property Value
Distribution Debian 8 (Jessie)
Repository Debian Main i386
Package filename libreoffice-report-builder_4.3.3-2+deb8u11_all.deb
Package name libreoffice-report-builder
Package version 4.3.3
Package release 2+deb8u11
Package architecture all
Package type deb
Category implemented-in::java misc role::shared-lib
License -
Maintainer Debian LibreOffice Maintainers <>
Download size 386.69 KB
Installed size 607.00 KB
LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides
a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office.
This package contains the report builder:
"Create with the Sun Report Builder stylish, smart-looking database reports.
The flexible report editor can define group and page headers as well as
group and page footers and even calculation fields are available to
accomplish complex database reports."


Package Version Architecture Repository
libreoffice-report-builder_4.3.3-2+deb8u11_all.deb 4.3.3 all Debian Main
libreoffice-report-builder - - -


Name Value
default-jre -
gcj-jre -
java5-runtime -
jre -
libbase-java -
libcommons-logging-java -
libflute-java >= 1.1.6
libfonts-java >= 1.1.6
libformula-java >= 1.1.7
liblayout-java >= 0.2.10
libloader-java >= 1.1.6
libpentaho-reporting-flow-engine-java >= 0.9.4
libreoffice-core -
libreoffice-java-common -
libreoffice-report-builder-bin >= 1:4.3.3
librepository-java >= 1.1.6
libsac-java -
libserializer-java >= 1.1.6
libxml-java >= 1.1.6
openjdk-6-jre -
openjdk-7-jre -
sun-java5-jre -
sun-java6-jre -


Name Value
libreoffice-reportdesigner -


Name Value
libreoffice-common << 1:3.5~
libreoffice-core << 1:3.5~
ure << 1.5.1+OOo3.1.1-15


Type URL
Binary Package libreoffice-report-builder_4.3.3-2+deb8u11_all.deb
Source Package libreoffice

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install libreoffice-report-builder deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install libreoffice-report-builder




2018-04-18 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u11) jessie-security; urgency=high
* debian/patches/CVE-2018-10119.diff,
debian/patches/CVE-2018-10120.diff: as name says...
2018-02-11 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u10) jessie-security; urgency=high
* debian/patches/WEBSERVICE-only-http-and-https.diff: backport; as name says.
fix for "Remote arbitrary file disclosure vulnerability via WEBSERVICE
formula" (CVE-2018-1055 / CVE-2018-6871)
* debian/patches/layout-footnote-use-after-free.diff: add; as name says.
possible patch for iDefense V-mct3ei5wml
2017-11-06 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u9) jessie-security; urgency=medium
* debian/patches/CVE-2017-1260{7,8}.diff: don't create empty test files
* debian/patches/CVE-2017-12608.diff: remove filters-test.cxx hunk
2017-11-03 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u8) jessie-security; urgency=medium
* debian/rules:
- make i386 make check notfatal for now given the i386 Java Stack Clash
* debian/patches/CVE-2017-12607.diff, debian/patches/CVE-2017-12608.diff.
debian/patches/series: apply patches for above CVEs
2017-04-24 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u7) jessie-security; urgency=high
* debian/patches/CVE-2017-7870.diff: fix CVE-2017-7870
2017-01-31 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u6) jessie-security; urgency=high
* debian/patches/olefix.diff: fix CVE-2017-3157
2016-06-22 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u5) jessie-security; urgency=medium
* debian/patches/CVE-2016-4324.diff: fix "LibreOffice RTF Stylesheet Code
Execution Vulnerability" (TALOS-CAN-0126 / CVE-2016-4324) 
2016-03-28 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u4) jessie; urgency=medium
* debian/patches/ppc64el-jdk-paths.diff: fix ppc64el FTBFS due to changed
OpenJDK paths, thanks Slavek Banko (closes: #819375)
* debian/rules:
- fix logic to not install sound files (closes: #780497)
2016-02-11 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u3) jessie-security; urgency=high
* debian/patches/V-1lp8t84lh4.diff: fix "LibreOffice Writer Lotus Word Pro
TabRack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability"
* debian/patches/V-pxk0pgyk9d.diff: fix "LibreOffice Writer Lotus Word Pro
'ReadRootData' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability"
* debian/patches/V-mgylorku1q.diff: fix "LibreOffice Writer Lotus Word Pro
Bullet Buffer Overflow Vulnerability"
* debian/patches/V-a7vjdei7l7.diff: fix "LibreOffice Writer Lotus Word Pro
'TocSuperLayout' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability"
2015-08-28 - Rene Engelhard <>
libreoffice (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u2) jessie-security; urgency=high
* debian/patches/CVE-2015-4551.diff: backport fix for Arbritary
file disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2014-4551) from libreoffice-4-4-4
* debian/patches/ww8dontwrap.diff: fix 'LibreOffice "Piece Table Counter"
Invalid Check Design Error Vulnerability' (CVE-2015-5213), from
libreoffice-4-4-5 branch
* debian/patches/coverity-1266485.diff: fix 'LibreOffice "PrinterSetup
Length" Integer Underflow Vulnerability' (CVE-2015-5212),
from libreoffice-4-4-5 branch
* debian/patches/pStatus-vector-offsets.diff: fix 'LibreOffice Bookmark
Status Memory Corruption Vulnerability' (CVE-2015-5214),
from libreoffice-4-4 branch

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