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Distribution Debian 8 (Jessie)
Repository Debian Main amd64
Package name bareos
Package version 14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56
Package release 3+deb8u3
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
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Bareos is a set of programs to manage backup, recovery and verification
of computer data across a network of computers of different kinds.
It is efficient and relatively easy to use, while offering many advanced
storage management features that make it easy to find and recover lost or
damaged files. Due to its modular design, Bareos is scalable from small
single computer systems to networks of hundreds of machines.
This metapackage installs the entire suite of Bareos applications: job
scheduling, storage control, node connector, and administrative console.


Package Version Architecture Repository
bareos_14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u3_i386.deb 14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56 i386 Debian Main
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Name Value
bareos-client = 14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u3
bareos-director = 14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u3
bareos-storage = 14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u3


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Binary Package bareos_14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u3_amd64.deb
Source Package bareos

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install bareos deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install bareos




2017-07-27 - Felix Geyer <>
bareos (14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u3) jessie; urgency=medium
* Fix permissions of bareos-dir logrotate config. (Closes: #864926)
* Fix file corruption when using SHA1 signature. (Closes: #869608)
* Add autopkgtest for SHA1 signature.
2016-04-09 - Felix Geyer <>
bareos (14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u2) jessie; urgency=medium
* Fix GnuTLS backend initialization. (Closes: #819807)
- Backport upstream commits in d/patches/fix-tls-backend-initalization
* Add autopkgtests for TLS.
* Add breaks-testbed to all tests.
* Fix TLS negotiation for passive filedaemons.
- Backport upstream commit in d/patches/fix-tls-passive-fds
2015-08-30 - Evgeni Golov <>
bareos (14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3+deb8u1) stable; urgency=medium
[ Felix Geyer ]
* backport the fix for the backup corruption on multi-volume jobs
(Closes: #788543)
* add autopkgtests
[ Evgeni Golov ]
* do not try to create the databases when running tests
2014-11-04 - Evgeni Golov <>
bareos (14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-3) unstable; urgency=medium
* do not install files as conffiles in /etc/bareos (Closes: #767819)
2014-10-30 - Evgeni Golov <>
bareos (14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Add more conflicts against Bacula packages.
Thanks to Ralf Treinen <> (Closes: #767058)
2014-10-25 - Evgeni Golov <>
bareos (14.2.1+20141017gitc6c5b56-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Import newer upstream snapshot.
* Use GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL to avoid licensing problems.
* Don't generate debian/control during build.
2014-10-08 - Evgeni Golov <>
bareos (14.2.1+20140930git1339225-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Initial Debian release. (Closes: Bug#762459)

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