androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer - Tool to scan and analyze the UI components of an Android application

Property Value
Distribution Debian 8 (Jessie)
Repository Debian Main amd64
Package name androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer
Package version 22.2+git20130830~92d25d6
Package release 1
Package architecture all
Package type deb
Installed size 104 B
Download size 48.69 KB
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The uiautomatorviewer tool provides a convenient visual interface to inspect
the layout hierarchy and view the properties of the individual UI components
that are displayed on the test device. Using this information, you can later
create uiautomator tests with selector objects that target specific UI
components to test.


Package Version Architecture Repository
androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer_22.2+git20130830~92d25d6-1_all.deb 22.2+git20130830~92d25d6 all Debian Main
androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer - - -


Name Value
eclipse-rcp -
libandroidsdk-common-java = 22.2+git20130830~92d25d6-1
libandroidsdk-ddmlib-java = 22.2+git20130830~92d25d6-1
libswt-gtk-3-java -


Type URL
Binary Package androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer_22.2+git20130830~92d25d6-1_all.deb
Source Package androidsdk-tools

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer




2013-09-07 - Jakub Adam <>
androidsdk-tools (22.2+git20130830~92d25d6-1) unstable; urgency=low
* New upstream release.
* Remove non-ASCII characters from d/*.pod
- fixes FTBFS with perl 5.18.
2013-03-15 - Jakub Adam <>
androidsdk-tools (22+git20130416~f55ffbb-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Initial release (Closes: #687057).

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