unburden-home-dir - Remove or move cache files automatically from user's home

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unburden-home-dir allows users to move cache files from browsers,
etc. off their home directory, i.e. on a local harddisk or tmpfs and
replace them with a symbolic link to the new location (e.g. on /tmp/
or /scratch/) upon login. Optionally the contents of the directories
and files can be removed instead of moved.
This is helpful at least in the following cases:
The idea-giving case are big workstation setups where $HOME is on NFS
and all those caches put an unnecessary burden (hence the name) on
the file server since caching over NFS doesn't have the best
performance and may clog the NFS server, too.
A similar case, but with different purpose is reducing I/O on mobile
devices like laptops or netbooks to extend the battery life: Moving
browser caches etc. off the real disk into a tmpfs filesystem reduces
the amount of disk I/O which reduces the power consumption of the
Another possible solution for saving non-crucial I/O is using the
package eatmydata to ignore a software's fsync calls.
The other type of use cases for unburden-home-dir is to reduce disk
space usage, e.g. on devices with small disk space but a lot of RAM
as seen often on boxes with flash disks or early netbooks, especially
the EeePC, where configurations with 4GB disk space and 2GB RAM are
not seldom. In this case you want to move off as many cache files,
etc. as possible to some tmpfs filesystem, e.g. /tmp/.
It may also help to reduce the amount of needed backup disk space by
keeping those files in places where they don't get backed up. In that
case it's an alternative to keeping the blacklist in your backup
software up-to-date.
The package also contains an Xsession hook which calls this script on
X login for every user. But by default no files or directories are
configured to be moved elsewhere, so nothing will happen
automatically without configuration.


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unburden-home-dir_0.3.1.2_all.deb all Debian Main
unburden-home-dir - - -


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dpkg >=
libconfig-file-perl -
libfile-rsync-perl -
libfile-touch-perl -
libfile-which-perl -
libmodern-perl-perl -
perl -
x11-common -


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Binary Package unburden-home-dir_0.3.1.2_all.deb
Source Package unburden-home-dir

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install unburden-home-dir deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install unburden-home-dir




2012-10-27 - Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org>
unburden-home-dir ( unstable; urgency=low
* Option -F doesn't have a parameter, so don't let it consume one (which
could be another option which then will be ignored, e.g. the dry-run
option -n; Closes: #691619)
* Fix comment about usage in etc/unburden-home-dir — it's no more a POSIX
shell fragment, but parsed by Config::File. (Closes: #690266)
* Minor bugfix for example config files (Closes: #690268)
* Update $VERSION in bin/unburden-home-dir which had been forgotten
since 0.3. Add test so that this doesn't happen again. (Closes: #690265)
* Add missing options to --help message and reorder it slightly.
* More documentation updates and fixes.
2012-10-10 - Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org>
unburden-home-dir ( unstable; urgency=low
* Better and more documentation
2012-06-25 - Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org>
unburden-home-dir (0.3.1) unstable; urgency=low
* Make test suite check if lsof is available or not and expect different
output in both cases. (Closes: #678780)
* Use which('lsof') from File::Which instead of `which lsof`
+ Add dependency and build-dependency on libfile-which-perl
* Use a copy of README.md named just README to be installed in the
Debian binary package to avoid any associations with Linux' software
RAID. (Closes: #678630)
* Minor refactoring of t/undo.t for not confusing syntax highlighting
2012-06-12 - Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org>
unburden-home-dir (0.3) unstable; urgency=low
* If lsof is available, check if files to (re)move are still in use
before (re)moving them.
- Recommend lsof
* Some Refactoring:
- use Modern::Perl; add libmodern-perl-perl as dependencies.
- use say instead of print + "perl -l". Fixes issues with double
newlines printed by modules..
- use for and when instead of tons of if blocks
- replace last use of @_[...]
- add missing trailing semicolons and explicit returns
- remove all subroutine calls with "&" sigil
- remove code duplication
- use lc($var) eq 'c' instead of two string comparisons
* Remove no more necessary eval in regexp replacement
* Add missing close();
* More documentation in README:
- Add some paragraphs about reversing unburden-home-dir's effect
(Closes: #673909)
- Add sections How To and Common Issues + Troubleshooting
- Reorder sections and add subsections to get a nice outline
* Renamed README to README.md so it will be parsed as Markdown on GitHub
* Added THANKS file
* Add ~/.aptitude/cache to unburden-home-dir.list. (cf. #671780)
* Fix typo in README.Debian (Closes: #673912; Thanks Touko Korpela!)
2012-05-18 - Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org>
unburden-home-dir (0.2) unstable; urgency=low
[ Klaus Umbach ]
* Fix FTBFS: Add missing build-dependency on libfile-rsync-perl
* Fix FTBFS: Ignore locales in moving-to-existing-subdir.t
[ Axel Beckert ]
* Unconditionally move files (no more uses "mv -i", likely a debugging
* Handle symlinks to and unburden-home-dir.list entries for directories
identical independent of trailing slashes. (Thanks Johan van den
Dorpe! cf. GitHub Pull Request #2)
* Also ignore blank lines in unburden-home-dir.list.
* Add the caches of the following applications to the example
unburden-home-dir.list: Galeon, Epiphany, xxxterm, Battle for Wesnoth,
Gaia, Adobe Acrobat, Java, Forg, Buzzbird, Shotwell
* Update list of caches in the example unburden-home-dir.list for the
following applications: Opera, Mozilla based browsers
* Comment the example unburden-home-dir.list, group entries by category
* Add a test that verifies that lists with comments and blank lines can
be parsed
* Suggest a find command in the README to find most caches in a home

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