xfonts-nexus - Nexus font for X

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Distribution Debian 7 (Wheezy)
Repository Debian Main amd64
Package name xfonts-nexus
Package version 0.0.2
Package release 16
Package architecture all
Package type deb
Installed size 84 B
Download size 9.42 KB
Official Mirror ftp.br.debian.org
A sans-serif, fixed with font with iso8859 encoding.
Only available as 10 point with medium weight.


Package Version Architecture Repository
xfonts-nexus_0.0.2-16_all.deb 0.0.2 all Debian Main
xfonts-nexus - - -


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xfonts-utils -


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xfont-nexus -


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xfont-nexus -


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Binary Package xfonts-nexus_0.0.2-16_all.deb
Source Package xfonts-nexus

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install xfonts-nexus deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install xfonts-nexus




2010-08-06 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-16) unstable; urgency=low
* Remove spurious commands from postinst and postrm,
dh_installxfonts adds everything that is needed.
(closes: #591864)
* Include license directly in copyright file
See: http://lintian.debian.org/tags/copyright-refers-to-deprecated-bsd-license-file.html
* Update standards version from 3.8.4 to 3.9.1
2010-04-30 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-15) unstable; urgency=low
* Replace build-indep dependency on obsolte xutils package with
a build-indep dependency on xfonts-utils: (closes: #579029)
* Update standards version from 3.7.3 to 3.8.4
* debhelper should be a build dependency rather than a build-indep
dependency as it is needed by the clean target.
* Include copyright notice in copyright file
* Update download information in copyright file
* Run commands in binary-indep rather than binary-arch
as package is architecture independent
* Update debhelper compatibility level from 4 to 6
* Install fonts into /usr/share/fonts/X11
instead of /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/
* Don't ignore errors in postrm and postinst scripts
2008-04-24 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-14) unstable; urgency=low
* Update standards version from 3.6.2 to 3.7.3
* Remove ancient transitional package xfont-nexus (closes: #477546)
2006-05-04 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-13) unstable; urgency=low
* Removed uneeded postrm and postinst
(Also, moving to the 13th floor the week after next)
2006-04-17 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-12) unstable; urgency=low
* Resolved problem with paths in invocation of mkfontdir in postinst
(closes: #362969)
* Remove unneeded debian/xfonts-nexus.conffiles that crept in
at some stage
* Removed unneded debian/xfonts-nexus.dirs
2006-04-14 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-11) unstable; urgency=low
* Place fonts in /usr/share/fonts/X11 instead of /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts
- Modify top-level makefile to allow the font and alias directory
to be specified at build-time
- Update versioned build-dependancy on debhelper from 4.0.0 to 5.0.29
- Depend on the new xfonts-utils package
+ Call dh_installxfonts
+ depend on ${misc:Depend}
(closes: #362393)
* Remove seeminly unneeded dependancy on xbase-clients
* Add /etc/X11/fonts/misc/nex6x10.alias to conffiles, as its in /etc
2006-02-14 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-10) unstable; urgency=low
* Yet another take at getting rid of xfont-nexus:
Create a transitional packagae built by this source.
That is a package which contains no files and depends on xfonts-nexus.
Then make xfonts-nexus provide and replace xfont-nexus,
but not conflict with it.
(closes: #341025)
* Update to standards version 3.6.2
* Add versioned dependancy on utils (>> 4.0.3) as per
policy manual 11.8.5
2004-09-10 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-9) unstable; urgency=low
* Add Replaces, Conflicts and Provides xfont-nexus as per
section 7.5.2 of the policy manual.
(closes: Bug#270892)
2004-05-19 - Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-8) unstable; urgency=low
* Re-releasing 0.0.2-7.1 as the maintainer. Thanks Andreas.
(closes: Bug#238832)
* Use debhelper 4
* Upload as a non-native package

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