libzeitgeist-cil-dev - CLI bindings for Zeitgeist Project - development files

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zeitgeist-sharp is a managed C# wrapper of the Zeitgeist DBus API.
It exposes Log (Querying the events) , Blacklist, Monitor and
This package contains the development files needed to compile CLI
applications which use this library.


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libzeitgeist-cil-dev_0.8.0.0-4_all.deb all Debian Main
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Binary Package libzeitgeist-cil-dev_0.8.0.0-4_all.deb
Source Package zeitgeist-sharp

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install libzeitgeist-cil-dev deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install libzeitgeist-cil-dev




2012-06-25 - Chow Loong Jin <>
zeitgeist-sharp ( unstable; urgency=low
* [5922bbe] Add -I. to autoreconf to find SHAMROCK_EXPAND_* (Closes: #678753)
2012-06-21 - Iain Lane <>
zeitgeist-sharp ( unstable; urgency=low
[ Iain Lane ]
* [811db62] Fix syntax error in monodoc source file
* [273cd30] Check for zeitgeist-daemon executable instead of using pkg-config.
Resolves FTBFS. (Closes: #669469) (LP: #935495)
* [1767514] Autoreconf for above patch
* [d617154] Standards-Version → 3.9.3, no changes required
* [9ff0767] Add new patch to cope with changed behaviour in automake 1.11.2.
You cannot install into "suspicious" directory/primary couples now,
without a workaround such as this.
[ Chow Loong Jin ]
* [bd61014] Fix watch file
2012-01-23 - Chow Loong Jin <>
zeitgeist-sharp ( unstable; urgency=low
* [557f78f] Update email address and copyright year
* [61f39c7] No-change Standards-Version bump (3.9.1 → 3.9.2)
2011-06-14 - Manish Sinha <>
zeitgeist-sharp ( unstable; urgency=low
* ABI break since 0.1.x
* Backward incompactible API
- New Blacklist Interface
- Added property "Extensions" to LogClient
* Updated Ontology
* Monitors are reinstalled after engine restart
* Moved from ndesk-dbus to dbus-sharp
2011-02-20 - Chow Loong Jin <>
zeitgeist-sharp ( unstable; urgency=low
* No change upload to unstable
2011-01-21 - Chow Loong Jin <>
zeitgeist-sharp ( experimental; urgency=low
[ Manish Sinha ]
* New release:
- Fixes the building problem with mono 2.8.
- Changed the interface method in DataSourceRegistry (LP #705081 ).
- Fixed the wrong bus name for DataSourceRegistry.
[ Chow Loong Jin ]
* [02e1957] Add Manish to Uploaders
2010-10-29 - Jo Shields <>
zeitgeist-sharp ( experimental; urgency=low
* Initial Version

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