libmono-system2.0-cil - Mono System libraries (for CLI 2.0)

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Package name libmono-system2.0-cil
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Mono is a platform for running and developing applications based on the
ECMA/ISO Standards. Mono is an open source effort led by Novell.
Mono provides a complete CLR (Common Language Runtime) including compiler and
runtime, which can produce and execute CIL (Common Intermediate Language)
bytecode (aka assemblies), and a class library.
This package contains the BCL (Base Class Libraries) of Mono for CLI 2.0.


Package Version Architecture Repository
libmono-system2.0-cil_2.10.8.1-8+deb7u1_all.deb all Debian Security Updates Main
libmono-system2.0-cil_2.10.8.1-8+deb7u1_all.deb all Debian Security Updates Main
libmono-system2.0-cil_2.10.8.1-8+deb7u1_all.deb all Debian Main
libmono-system2.0-cil - - -


Name Value
libc0.1 >= 2.13
libc6 >= 2.13
libc6.1 >= 2.13
libmono-corlib2.0-cil >= 2.6.3
libmono-posix2.0-cil >= 2.4
libmono-security2.0-cil >= 2.6.7
mono-runtime <<
mono-runtime >=


Name Value
mono-classlib-2.0 <<
mono-classlib-2.0-dbg <<


Type URL
Binary Package libmono-system2.0-cil_2.10.8.1-8+deb7u1_all.deb
Source Package mono

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install libmono-system2.0-cil deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install libmono-system2.0-cil




2015-03-19 - Jo Shields <>
mono ( wheezy-security; urgency=high
* [c2afe08] Mono's implementation of the SSL/TLS stack failed to check
the order of the handshake messages. Which would allow various attacks
on the protocol to succeed. ("SKIP-TLS" attack).
(Closes: #780751, CVE-2015-2318)
* [997bd08] Remove the client-side SSLv2 fallback. There's almost no
SSLv3 web site left so a v2 fallback is only extra code we do not
need to carry forward. (Closes: #780751, CVE-2015-2320)
* [b570325] Remove the EXPORT ciphers and related code path. That was
still useful in 2003/2004 but the technical and legal landscape changed
a lot since then. Removing the old, limited key size, cipher suites
also allow removed additional parts of the code that deals with them.
("FREAK" attack) (Closes: #780751, CVE-2015-2319)
2013-03-03 - Jo Shields <>
mono ( unstable; urgency=high
* [b9108c7] Dirty patch to introduce a new System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser 
back-end, which does absolutely nothing. This is to allow applications 
which create a WebBrowser object to continue to run without crashing, 
in the absence of a working browser back-end (which we lack right now). 
This patch is sufficient for 
to run without crashing. (Closes: #683289, #694948)
2013-01-28 - Jo Shields <>
mono ( unstable; urgency=high
[ Jo Shields ]
* [4a46aae] Remove armhf from mono-archs.make - It should have been 
removed in but was overlooked (Closes: #695743)
[ Marek Habersack ]
* [226b326] Fix for Novell bug #739119 (Closes: #686562, CVE-2012-3543)
* [6983b45] Update to fix for Novell bug #739119
2012-08-27 - Jo Shields <>
mono ( unstable; urgency=low
* [da2fc97] Remove armhf from list of supported architectures. It 
ain't supported by the runtime in Mono 2.10.x, and trying to 
shoehorn it in was more difficult than we had hoped. It will 
return in the future, for Mono 2.12. (Closes: #682284)
2012-07-11 - Jo Shields <>
mono ( unstable; urgency=high
[ Jo Shields ]
* [c05ec16] Add symbols file for ppc64 (Closes: #651664)
[ Mirco Bauer ]
* [4e87058] Fixed version of ppc64 specific symbol
mono_exc_esp_offset was introduced in 2.10.1 which is also 
[ Gonzalo Paniagua Javier ]
* [1930eb3] HtmlEncode the path.
Fixes Novell bug #769799. (Closes: #681095, CVE-2012-3382)
2012-05-27 - Jo Shields <>
mono ( unstable; urgency=low
[ Iain Lane ]
* [10b15d4] Pass LDFLAGS to binfmt-detector-cli too (Closes: #657518)
[ Jo Shields ]
* [f77ef2f] Tweak build system to check multiarch library folder for

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