Debian Nonfree i386

Package Description
uqm-content_0.6.0+deb1-6_all.deb The Ur-Quan Masters - Game data files
uqm-music_0.6.0+deb1-6_all.deb The Ur-Quan Masters - Game music files
uqm-voice_0.6.0+deb1-6_all.deb The Ur-Quan Masters - Voice files
virtualbox-guest-additions-iso_6.0.4-1_all.deb guest additions iso image for VirtualBox
vmtk_1.3+dfsg-2.3_all.deb the Vascular Modeling Toolkit
w3-recs_20110107-1_all.deb Recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
wap-wml-tools_0.0.4-7+b1_i386.deb Wireless Markup Language development and test tools
x13as_1.1-B39-1_i386.deb seasonal adjustment software for modeling time series
xfonts-naga10_1.1-18_all.deb 10x10 dot Japanese and ISO-8859-1 naga10 fonts
xfractint_20.4.10-2+b2_i386.deb UNIX-based fractal generator
xml2rfc_2.15.5-1_all.deb XML-based formatting tool for RFCs
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-legacy-340xx_340.107-4_i386.deb NVIDIA binary Xorg driver (340xx legacy version)
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-legacy-390xx_390.116-1_i386.deb NVIDIA binary Xorg driver (390xx legacy version)
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia_410.104-3_i386.deb NVIDIA binary Xorg driver
xtide-data-nonfree_20100529-1_all.deb Harmonics data for xtide (Canada, Netherlands, Germany and UK)
yale_5.0.95-2_all.deb stellar data set from the Yale Bright Star Catalog
zangband-data_2.7.5pre1-12_all.deb A single-player, text-based, roguelike game (datafiles)
zangband_2.7.5pre1-12_i386.deb A single-player, text-based, roguelike game