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The MATE Desktop Environment is the continuation of GNOME 2. It provides an
intuitive and attractive desktop environment using traditional metaphors for
Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.
MATE is under active development to add support for new technologies while
preserving a traditional desktop experience.
This package installs the standard set of applications that are
part of the official MATE release.
It also suggests a few non-MATE standard desktop applications like an
internet browser, a mail reader and a network management applet.


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mate-desktop-environment_1.20.0+5_all.deb 1.20.0+5 all Debian Main
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mate-desktop-environment-core = 1.20.0+5


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mate -


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Binary Package mate-desktop-environment_1.20.0+5_all.deb
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Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install mate-desktop-environment deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment




2018-07-08 - Mike Gabriel <>
mate-desktop-environment (1.20.0+5) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Alex ARNAUD ]
* debian/20_mate-debian.gschema.override:
+ Restore switch-panels function to make it possible to use panels only with
keyboard, for example for blind users (follow-up change for #892748).
[ Mike Gabriel ]
* debian/control:
+ Update Vcs-*: fields. Package has been migrated to
+ Bump Standards-Version: to 4.1.4. No changes needed.
+ Drop pkg-mate-team Alioth mailing list from Uploaders: field.
+ De-promote caja-share from R: to S:. (Closes: #901775).
+ Add to R (mate-desktop-environment-extras): gnome-system-tools. (Closes:
2018-04-18 - Mike Gabriel <>
mate-desktop-environment (1.20.0+4) unstable; urgency=medium
* debian/control:
+ Recommend mate-tweak and mate-menu in m-d-e--extras bin:pkg. Suggest
m-d-e-extras by m-d-e bin:pkg. (Closes: #895788).
+ Drop D (m-d-e-core): gvfs-bin. Deprecated in Debian. For this, various
gfvs-open calls got replaced in other MATE packages (i.e. caja, mate-menu,
mate-notification-daemon). (Closes: #877742).
+ Bump versioned D on caja to 1.20.2-2~ (part of gvfs-bin deprecation).
+ Bump versioned D on mate-notification-daemon to 1.20.0-2~ (part of
gvfs-bin deprecation).
+ Note on mate-menu: mate-menu had gvfs-bin dependency in its control file,
so no version bump is required here. Whereas caja and m-n-d did not
reference gvfs-bin in their control files, so explicit version bumping
in m-d-e-core is our way to address that flaw.
2018-04-05 - Mike Gabriel <>
mate-desktop-environment (1.20.0+3) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Mike Gabriel ]
* debian/*.gschema.override:
- Move keybindings for switch-windows-all{-backward} over from
10_mate-common.gschema.override to 20_mate-ubuntu.gschema.override.
(Closes: #892748).
* debian/control:
+ Update versioned D on mate-themes (>= 3.22.16). We now use MATE's own
cursor theme, shipped in mate-themes with 3.22.16 or newer.
[ Martin Wimpress ]
* debian/control:
+ Drop D: dmz-cursor-theme. Obsolete.
* debian/10_mate-common.gschema.override:
- Make the mate cursor theme default for Debian and Ubuntu.
- Add quadrant tiling keybindings. Add keybinding to toggle shaded windows.
* debian/20_mate-debian.gschema.override:
- Enable mate cursor theme by default.
* debian/20_mate-ubuntu.gschema.override:
- Enable mate cursor theme by default.
- Correct schema path for global-keybindings.
2018-03-01 - Mike Gabriel <>
mate-desktop-environment (1.20.0+2) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Mike Gabriel ]
* debian/copyright: Use secure URI for copyright format.
[ Martin Wimpress ]
* debian/control:
+ Move D: mate-backgrounds (>= 1.20) | ubuntu-mate-wallpapers to
(mate-desktop-environment). Prevent unintended installation of
mate-backgrounds on Ubuntu MATE.
+ Replace D: ttf-ubuntu-font-family with fonts-ubuntu
+ Replace D: breeze-cursor-theme with dmz-cursor-theme
* debian/20_mate-debian.gschema.override:
+ Enable DMZ-White cursors by default.
* debian/20_mate-ubuntu.gschema.override:
+ Enable DMZ-Black cursors by default.
2018-02-14 - Mike Gabriel <>
mate-desktop-environment (1.20.0+1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Martin Wimpress ]
* Update for MATE Desktop 1.20.
+ Dependencies updated for MATE 1.20.
* debian/10_mate-common.gschema.override:
+ Disable tab switching borders.
+ Remove obsolete side-by-side-tiling override.
[ Mike Gabriel ]
* debian/{control,compat}: Bump DH version level to 11.

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