libitext-java - Java Library to create and manipulate PDF on the fly

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Distribution Debian 10 (Buster)
Repository Debian Main i386
Package filename libitext-java_2.1.7-12_all.deb
Package name libitext-java
Package version 2.1.7
Package release 12
Package architecture all
Package type deb
Category devel::lang:java devel::library implemented-in::java java role::devel-lib role::program role::shared-lib works-with-format::pdf
License -
Maintainer Debian Java Maintainers <>
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iText is a library that allows you to generate PDF files on the fly.
The iText classes are very useful for people who need to generate read-only,
platform independent documents containing text, lists, tables and images.
The library is especially useful in combination with Java(TM)
technology-based Servlets: The look and feel of HTML is browser dependent;
with iText and PDF you can control exactly how your servlet's output will look.


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libitext-java_2.1.7-12_all.deb 2.1.7 all Debian Main
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libbcmail-java -
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libbcprov-java >= 1.48


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Binary Package libitext-java_2.1.7-12_all.deb
Source Package libitext-java

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install libitext-java deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install libitext-java




2018-03-25 - Markus Koschany <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-12) unstable; urgency=medium
* Team upload.
* Switch to compat level 11.
* Remove Adriaan Peeters from Uploaders. (Closes: #846791)
* Declare compliance with Debian Policy 4.1.3.
* Add encoding.patch and fix FTBFS with Java 9. (Closes: #893241)
2016-07-28 - Emmanuel Bourg <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-11) unstable; urgency=medium
* Added the modifications made by TIBCO Software for JasperReports >= 6.2
* Install the Maven artifacts for libitext-rtf-java and libitext-rups-java
* Removed the libitext-java-gcj package
* Build with the DH sequencer instead of CDBS
* Moved the package to Git
* Standards-Version updated to 3.9.8
2015-12-06 - Markus Koschany <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-10) unstable; urgency=medium
* Team upload.
* Add bouncycastle-1.51.patch and fix FTBFS with version 1.51 of
* Vcs-Browser: Use cgit and https.
* Add file and build with Java version 1.5 due to use of
2014-11-27 - Emmanuel Bourg <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-9) unstable; urgency=medium
* Team upload.
* Fixed the dependencies in the pom (Closes: #771198)
* Standards-Version updated to 3.9.6 (no changes)
2014-01-20 - Stephen Nelson <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-8) unstable; urgency=low
* Team upload.
* Bumped standards version to 3.9.5 (no changes).
* Wrap and sort Build-Depends.
* Add a build dependency on maven-repo-helper.
* Provide Maven artifacts (Closes: #729010).
* Add mh_clean to clean target.
2013-07-15 - Emmanuel Bourg <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-7) unstable; urgency=low
* Patched to compile against Bouncy Castle 1.49
* Use canonical URLs for the Vcs-* fields
2013-05-30 - tony mancill <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-6) unstable; urgency=low
* Team upload.
* Upload to unstable.  (Closes: #710410)
2013-03-29 - Emmanuel Bourg <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-5) experimental; urgency=low
* Team upload.
* Update to Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no change required)
* Added a patch to compile against Bouncy Castle 1.47 or later.
* debian/watch: Changed to match only the 2.x releases
* debian/rules: Added a get-orig-source target
2012-09-15 - Niels Thykier <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-4) unstable; urgency=low
* Team upload.
* Add missing the Class-Path for the java packages.
- Use javahelper to set the classpath.
- Use javahelper to compute dependencies.
* Add versioned (Build-)Dependency on libbcprov-java due to
2012-04-17 - Miguel Landaeta <>
libitext-java (2.1.7-3) unstable; urgency=low
[ Miguel Landaeta ]
* Team upload.
* Add Build-Depends on gcj-native-helper.
* Remove Michael Koch from Uploaders list.
Thanks for your work on this package. (Closes: #654069).
[ Jari Aalto ]
* Update to Standards-Version to 3.9.3 and debhelper to 9.
* Change obsolete default-jdk-builddep to default-jdk. (Closes: #669157).
* Replace debian/patches/01* template with headers and rename file to
standard *.patch extension.
* Fix copyright-refers-to-symlink-license (Lintian).
* Fix debian-control-has-unusual-field-spacing (Lintian).
* Fix duplicate-short-description (Lintian).
* Fix needless-dependency-on-jre (Lintian).
* Fix missing-classpath (Lintian).

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