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Package Description
libcgi-compress-gzip-perl_1.03-2_all.deb module to allow automatically compressed CGI output
libcgi-cookie-splitter-perl_0.05-2_all.deb module for splitting big cookies into smaller ones
libcgi-emulate-psgi-perl_0.23-1_all.deb PSGI adapter for CGI
libcgi-expand-perl_2.05-4_all.deb convert flat hash to nested data using TT2's dot convention
libcgi-fast-perl_2.13-1_all.deb CGI subclass for work with FCGI
libcgi-formalware-perl_1.16-2_all.deb Perl module for converting an XML file into a suite of CGI forms
libcgi-formbuilder-perl_3.10-4_all.deb Easily generate and process stateful CGI forms
libcgi-formbuilder-source-perl-perl_0.01-1_all.deb module to initialize FormBuilder applications from Perl files
libcgi-formbuilder-source-yaml-perl_1.0.8-4_all.deb module to initialize FormBuilder applications from YAML files
libcgi-github-webhook-perl_0.06-1_all.deb Easily write CGI-based GitHub webhooks in Perl
libcgi-java_0.8.1-1_i386.deb CGI library for Java
libcgi-pm-perl_4.40-1_all.deb module for Common Gateway Interface applications
libcgi-psgi-perl_0.15-2_all.deb Adapt to the PSGI protocol
libcgi-session-driver-chi-perl_1.0.3-2_all.deb driver for CGI::Session to use CHI as a session store
libcgi-session-driver-memcached-perl_0.04-2_all.deb Perl module to allow CGI sessions to be stored in memcache
libcgi-session-expiresessions-perl_1.13-2_all.deb automatic deletion of expired CGI sessions
libcgi-session-perl_4.48-3_all.deb persistent session data in CGI applications
libcgi-session-serialize-yaml-perl_4.26-2_all.deb YAML and YAML::Syck support for CGI::Session's serializers
libcgi-simple-perl_1.115-2_all.deb simple compatible OO CGI interface
libcgi-ssi-parser-perl_0.01-1.2_all.deb used in CGI scripts for parsing SSI directives
libcgi-ssi-perl_0.92-5_all.deb Perl module to use SSI from CGI scripts
libcgi-struct-xs-perl_1.04-2+b4_i386.deb Perl module to build structures from CGI data, XS version
libcgi-test-perl_1.111-1_all.deb CGI regression test framework
libcgi-untaint-date-perl_1.00-3_all.deb CGI::Untaint input handler for date validation
libcgi-untaint-email-perl_0.03-3_all.deb input handler for CGI::Untaint to validate an email address
libcgi-untaint-perl_1.26-7_all.deb module to process CGI input parameters
libcgi-uploader-perl_2.18-2_all.deb module for managing CGI uploads using an SQL database
libcgi-xml-perl_0.1-15_all.deb perl module for converting CGI variables from/to XML
libcgi-xmlapplication-perl_1.1.5-1_all.deb perl module for creating XML-DOM and OO based CGI scripts
libcgi-xmlform-perl_0.10-15_all.deb perl module for reading/generating formatted XML
libcgicc-dev_3.2.19-0.2_i386.deb C++ class library for writing CGI applications (development files)
libcgicc-doc_3.2.19-0.2_all.deb C++ class library for writing CGI applications (documentation)
libcgicc3_3.2.19-0.2_i386.deb C++ class library for writing CGI applications (library)
libcglib-java-doc_3.2.10-1_all.deb Code generation library for Java (documentation)
libcglib-java_3.2.10-1_all.deb Code generation library for Java
libcglib-nodep-java_3.2.10-1_all.deb Code generation library for Java (without dependencies)
libcgmanager-dev_0.41-2_i386.deb Central cgroup manager daemon (dev)
libcgmanager0_0.41-2_i386.deb Central cgroup manager daemon (client library)
libcgns-dev_3.3.0-6+b2_i386.deb CFD General Notation System library
libcgns3.3_3.3.0-6+b2_i386.deb CFD General Notation System library
libcgraph6_2.40.1-6_i386.deb rich set of graph drawing tools - cgraph library
libcgroup-dev_0.41-8.1_i386.deb control and monitor control groups (development)
libcgroup1_0.41-8.1_i386.deb control and monitor control groups (library)
libcgsi-gsoap-dev_1.3.11-1+b1_i386.deb GSI plugin for gSOAP - development files
libcgsi-gsoap1_1.3.11-1+b1_i386.deb GSI plugin for gSOAP
libchado-perl_1.31-5_all.deb database schema and tools for genomic data
libchafa-dev_1.0.1-2+b1_i386.deb development files for image-to-text converter chafa
libchafa0_1.0.1-2+b1_i386.deb library for image-to-text converter chafa
libchamplain-0.12-0_0.12.16-3_i386.deb C library providing ClutterActor to display maps
libchamplain-0.12-dev_0.12.16-3_i386.deb C library providing ClutterActor to display maps (development files)
libchamplain-doc_0.12.16-3_all.deb C library providing ClutterActor to display maps (documentation)
libchamplain-gtk-0.12-0_0.12.16-3_i386.deb Gtk+ widget to display maps
libchamplain-gtk-0.12-dev_0.12.16-3_i386.deb Gtk+ widget to display maps (development files)
libchamplain-gtk-doc_0.12.16-3_all.deb Gtk+ widget to display maps (documentation)
libchardet-dev_1.0.4-1+b11_i386.deb universal charset detection library - development files
libchardet1_1.0.4-1+b11_i386.deb universal charset detection library - shared library
libcharls-dev_2.0.0+dfsg-1_i386.deb Implementation of the JPEG-LS standard (development libraries)
libcharls2_2.0.0+dfsg-1_i386.deb Implementation of the JPEG-LS standard
libcharon-extra-plugins_5.7.2-1_i386.deb strongSwan charon library (extra plugins)
libchart-clicker-perl_2.90-1_all.deb module for creating attractive charts and graphs
libchart-gnuplot-perl_0.23-1_all.deb module for generating two- and three-dimensional plots
libchart-perl_2.4.10ds1-2_all.deb Chart library for Perl
libchart-strip-perl_1.08-3_all.deb Draw strip chart type graphs
libchasen-dev_2.4.5-43_i386.deb Japanese Morphological Analysis System (libraries and headers)
libchasen2_2.4.5-43_i386.deb Japanese Morphological Analysis System (shared libraries)
libchatbot-eliza-perl_1.08-1_all.deb clone of the classic Eliza program
libchealpix-dev_3.30.0-7_i386.deb HEALPix representation of spherical data - C development library
libchealpix0_3.30.0-7_i386.deb HEALPix representation of spherical data - C shared library
libcheck-isa-perl_0.09-1_all.deb Perl module for correct checking of an object's class
libcheese-dev_3.31.90-1_i386.deb tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - base dev
libcheese-doc_3.31.90-1_all.deb tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - documentation
libcheese-gtk-dev_3.31.90-1_i386.deb tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - widgets dev
libcheese-gtk25_3.31.90-1_i386.deb tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - widgets
libcheese8_3.31.90-1_i386.deb tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - base library
libchemistry-elements-perl_1.072-1_all.deb Perl extension for working with Chemical Elements
libchemistry-formula-perl_3.0.1-1.2_all.deb enumerate elements in a chemical formula
libchemistry-openbabel-perl_2.4.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb Chemical toolbox library (perl bindings)
libchemps2-3_1.8.9-1+b2_i386.deb Spin-adapted DMRG for ab initio quantum chemistry
libchemps2-dev_1.8.9-1+b2_i386.deb C++ headers, static library, and symlink for libchemps2-3
libcheshire-clojure_5.7.1-1_all.deb fast JSON encoding for Clojure
libchewing3-data_0.5.1-4_all.deb intelligent phonetic input method library - data files
libchewing3-dev_0.5.1-4_i386.deb intelligent phonetic input method library (developer version)
libchewing3_0.5.1-4_i386.deb intelligent phonetic input method library
libchi-driver-memcached-perl_0.15-1_all.deb Memcached driver for CHI, the unified cache handling interface
libchi-driver-redis-perl_0.10-2_all.deb CHI driver that uses Redis to store the data
libchi-memoize-perl_0.07-2_all.deb memoization implementation backed by CHI
libchi-perl_0.60-4_all.deb Unified Cache Handling Interface
libchicken-dev_4.13.0-1_i386.deb Practical and portable Scheme system - development
libchicken8_4.13.0-1_i386.deb Practical and portable Scheme system - runtime
libchild-perl_0.013-1_all.deb Object Oriented simple interface to fork()
libchipcard-data_5.1.0beta-3_all.deb configuration files for libchipcard
libchipcard-dev_5.1.0beta-3_i386.deb API for smartcard readers
libchipcard-libgwenhywfar60-plugins_5.1.0beta-3_i386.deb crypttoken plugin to libgwenhywfar
libchipcard-tools_5.1.0beta-3_i386.deb tools for accessing chipcards
libchipcard6_5.1.0beta-3_i386.deb library for accessing smartcards
libchipmunk0d3_6.1.5-1+b1_i386.deb fast and lightweight 2D rigid body physics library in C
libchise-dev_0.3.0-2.1_i386.deb C language binding of CHISE, the character information database
libchise1_0.3.0-2.1_i386.deb C language binding of CHISE, the character information database
libchm-bin_0.40a-5_i386.deb library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files (test programs)
libchm-dev_0.40a-5_i386.deb library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files (development)
libchm1_0.40a-5_i386.deb library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files
libcholmod3_5.4.0+dfsg-1_i386.deb sparse Cholesky factorization library for sparse matrices
libchromaprint-dev_1.4.3-3_i386.deb audio fingerprinting library - development files
libchromaprint-tools_1.4.3-3_i386.deb audio fingerprinting library - tools
libchromaprint1_1.4.3-3_i386.deb audio fingerprint library
libcib-dev_2.0.1-4_all.deb transitional package
libcib27_2.0.1-4_i386.deb cluster resource manager CIB library
libcidr-dev_1.2.3-3_i386.deb IP addresses and netblocks manipulation library
libcidr0_1.2.3-3_i386.deb IP addresses and netblocks manipulation library
libcifti-dev_1.5.1-3+b1_i386.deb development files for CiftiLib
libcifti-doc_1.5.1-3_all.deb documentation for CiftiLib
libcifti0_1.5.1-3+b1_i386.deb library for manipulating CIFTI files
libcilkrts5_7.4.0-6_i386.deb Intel Cilk Plus language extensions (runtime)
libcinnamon-control-center-dev_3.8.1-1_i386.deb configuration applets for Cinnamon - development files
libcinnamon-control-center1_3.8.1-1_i386.deb library used by configuration applets for Cinnamon
libcinnamon-desktop-dev_3.8.1-2_i386.deb Cinnamon library for loading .desktop files - development files
libcinnamon-desktop4_3.8.1-2_i386.deb Cinnamon library for loading .desktop files
libcinnamon-menu-3-0_3.8.2-1_i386.deb Cinnamon implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
libcinnamon-menu-3-dev_3.8.2-1_i386.deb Cinnamon implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
libcitadel-dev_917-2_i386.deb Development files for libcitadel4
libcitadel4_917-2_i386.deb Citadel toolbox
libcitygml-bin_2.0.9-2+b1_i386.deb Utils of libcitygml - citygmltest
libcitygml-dev_2.0.9-2+b1_i386.deb Static and header files of libcitygml
libcitygml2_2.0.9-2+b1_i386.deb Open source C++ library for parsing CityGML files
libcjose-dev_0.6.1+dfsg1-1_i386.deb Development files for libcjose
libcjose0_0.6.1+dfsg1-1_i386.deb C library implementing the Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)
libcjs-dev_3.8.0-5_i386.deb Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the Cinnamon platform
libcjs0_3.8.0-5_i386.deb Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform
libcjson-dev_1.7.10-1.1_i386.deb Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C (development files)
libcjson1_1.7.10-1.1_i386.deb Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C
libckit-smlnj_110.79-4_i386.deb SML library for parsing and type-checking C programs
libckyapplet1-dev_1.1.0-13+b1_i386.deb Smart Card Coolkey applet development files
libckyapplet1_1.1.0-13+b1_i386.deb Smart Card Coolkey applet
libclalsadrv-dev_2.0.0-3_all.deb ALSA driver C++ access library (development files)
libclalsadrv2_2.0.0-3+b1_i386.deb ALSA driver C++ access library
libclamav-client-perl_0.11-2_all.deb Perl client for the ClamAV virus scanner daemon
libclamav-dev_0.101.2+dfsg-1_i386.deb anti-virus utility for Unix - development files
libclamav9_0.101.2+dfsg-1_i386.deb anti-virus utility for Unix - library
libclanapp-1.0v5_1.0~svn3827-7_i386.deb ClanLib game SDK runtime
libclang-6.0-dev_6.0.1-10_i386.deb clang library - Development package
libclang-7-dev_7.0.1-8_i386.deb Clang library - Development package
libclang-common-6.0-dev_6.0.1-10_i386.deb clang library - Common development package
libclang-common-7-dev_7.0.1-8_i386.deb Clang library - Common development package
libclang-dev_7.0-47_i386.deb clang library - Development package
libclang-perl_0.09-4+b9_i386.deb Perl bindings to the Clang compiler's indexing interface
libclang1-6.0_6.0.1-10_i386.deb C interface to the clang library
libclang1-7_7.0.1-8_i386.deb C interface to the Clang library
libclang1_7.0-47_i386.deb C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based)
libclanlib-dev_1.0~svn3827-7_i386.deb ClanLib game SDK development files
libclansdl-1.0v5_1.0~svn3827-7_i386.deb SDL module for ClanLib game SDK
libclass-accessor-chained-perl_0.01.1~debian-4_all.deb Perl module providing chained accessors
libclass-accessor-children-perl_0.02-2_all.deb perl module for automated child-class/accessor generation
libclass-accessor-class-perl_0.503-2_all.deb simple class variable accessors
libclass-accessor-classy-perl_0.9.1-2_all.deb Perl module providing minimalist, fast accessors
libclass-accessor-grouped-perl_0.10014-1_all.deb Perl module to build groups of accessors
libclass-accessor-lite-perl_0.08-1_all.deb minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor
libclass-accessor-lvalue-perl_0.11-4_all.deb module to create Lvalue accessors
libclass-accessor-named-perl_0.009-1_all.deb module to better profiling output for Class::Accessor
libclass-accessor-perl_0.51-1_all.deb Perl module that automatically generates accessors
libclass-adapter-perl_1.09-1_all.deb Perl implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern
libclass-autoloadcan-perl_0.03-2_all.deb module managing conflict between AUTOLOAD, can and inheritance
libclass-autouse-perl_2.01-1_all.deb module for deferring loading ('use'ing) of a class until run time
libclass-base-perl_0.09-1_all.deb useful base class for deriving other modules
libclass-c3-adopt-next-perl_0.14-1_all.deb drop-in replacement for NEXT, using Class::C3 to do the hard work
libclass-c3-componentised-perl_1.001002-1_all.deb module to load mix-ins or components to C3-based classes
libclass-c3-perl_0.34-1_all.deb pragma for using the C3 method resolution order
libclass-c3-xs-perl_0.14-1+b3_i386.deb Perl module to accelerate Class::C3
libclass-container-perl_0.13-1_all.deb Perl module to glue object frameworks together transparently
libclass-contract-perl_1.14-8_all.deb Perl Design-by-Contract OO module
libclass-csv-perl_1.03-2.1_all.deb Class based CSV parser/writer
libclass-data-accessor-perl_0.04004-2_all.deb Inheritable, overridable class and instance data accessor creation
libclass-data-inheritable-perl_0.08-3_all.deb Perl module to create accessors to class data
libclass-date-perl_1.1.17-1_all.deb Perl module for easy date and time manipulation
libclass-dbi-abstractsearch-perl_0.07-4_all.deb Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract
libclass-dbi-asform-perl_2.42-7_all.deb module to produce HTML form elements for database columns using Class::DBI
libclass-dbi-fromcgi-perl_1.00-5_all.deb Perl module to update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint
libclass-dbi-fromform-perl_0.04-3_all.deb Perl module to update Class::DBI data using Data::FormValidator
libclass-dbi-loader-perl_0.34-3_all.deb Perl module for dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes
libclass-dbi-loader-relationship-perl_1.2-5_all.deb Easier relationship specification in Class::DBI::Loader
libclass-dbi-mysql-perl_1.00-4_all.deb extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL
libclass-dbi-pager-perl_0.08-5_all.deb pager utility for Class::DBI
libclass-dbi-perl_3.0.17-4_all.deb convenient abstraction layer to a database
libclass-dbi-pg-perl_0.09-5_all.deb Class::DBI extension for Postgres
libclass-dbi-plugin-abstractcount-perl_0.08-2_all.deb Class::DBI plugin to get COUNT(*) results with abstract SQL
libclass-dbi-plugin-pager-perl_0.566-2_all.deb Perl extension for paging SQL results
libclass-dbi-plugin-perl_0.03-6_all.deb abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins
libclass-dbi-plugin-retrieveall-perl_1.04-4_all.deb Class::DBI plugin providing a more complex retrieve_all() method
libclass-dbi-plugin-type-perl_0.02-9_all.deb Class::DBI plugin to determine type information for table columns
libclass-dbi-sqlite-perl_0.11-5_all.deb extension to Class::DBI for sqlite
libclass-dbi-sweet-perl_0.11-1_all.deb Perl module providing a sweeter Class::DBI
libclass-default-perl_1.51-3_all.deb Perl module to make static calls apply to a default instantiation
libclass-delegator-perl_0.09-4_all.deb Perl module for a simple and fast object-oriented delegation
libclass-ehierarchy-perl_2.00-1_all.deb module that provides a base class for hierarchally ordered objects
libclass-errorhandler-perl_0.04-2_all.deb Base class for error handling
libclass-factory-perl_1.06-3_all.deb Base class for dynamic factory classes
libclass-factory-util-perl_1.7-3_all.deb utility method for factory classes
libclass-field-perl_0.24-1_all.deb accessor cenerator for class fields and consts
libclass-forward-perl_0.100006-2_all.deb class dispatcher that handles namespaces like paths
libclass-gomor-perl_1.03-1_all.deb class and object builder
libclass-handle-perl_1.07-3_all.deb module to create objects which are handles to classes
libclass-inner-perl_0.200001-2_all.deb module providing Java-like inner classes
libclass-insideout-perl_1.14-2_all.deb safe, simple inside-out object construction kit
libclass-inspector-perl_1.32-1_all.deb Perl module that provides information about classes
libclass-isa-perl_0.36-6_all.deb report the search path for a class's ISA tree
libclass-load-perl_0.25-1_all.deb module for loading modules by name
libclass-load-xs-perl_0.10-1+b3_i386.deb XS implementation of parts of Class::Load
libclass-loader-dev_0.4.1-2+b1_i386.deb development files for Robot OS class_loader library
libclass-loader-perl_2.03-2_all.deb module to load modules and create objects on command
libclass-loader1d_0.4.1-2+b1_i386.deb ROS class_loader library
libclass-makemethods-perl_1.01-5_all.deb Perl module for generating common types of methods
libclass-meta-perl_0.66-2_all.deb class automation, introspection, and data validation module
libclass-method-modifiers-perl_2.12-1_all.deb Perl module providing method modifiers
libclass-methodmaker-perl_2.24-1+b5_i386.deb Perl module for creating generic methods
libclass-mix-perl_0.006-1_all.deb Perl module for dynamic class mixing
libclass-mixinfactory-perl_0.92-3_all.deb Class Factory with Selection of Mixins
libclass-multimethods-perl_1.701-1_all.deb Support multimethods and subroutine overloading in Perl
libclass-objecttemplate-perl_0.7-8_all.deb Perl extension for an optimized template builder base class
libclass-ooorno-perl_0.011-2_all.deb Give your module classic AND OO interfaces
libclass-perl_1.00-3_all.deb module providing aliases for __PACKAGE__
libclass-pluggable-perl_0.022-2_all.deb Simple pluggable class
libclass-prototyped-perl_1.13-2_all.deb module for fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl
libclass-refresh-perl_0.07-2_all.deb module for refreshing classes during runtime
libclass-returnvalue-perl_0.55-2_all.deb return-value object that can be treated as boolean, array or object
libclass-singleton-perl_1.5-1_all.deb implementation of a "Singleton" class
libclass-spiffy-perl_0.15-3_all.deb Spiffy Perl interface framework
libclass-std-fast-perl_0.0.8-2_all.deb faster but less secure replacement for Class::Std
libclass-std-perl_0.013-1_all.deb module for creating standard "inside-out" classes
libclass-std-storable-perl_0.0.1-2_all.deb Support for creating serializable "inside-out" classes
libclass-std-utils-perl_0.0.3-2_all.deb utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects
libclass-throwable-perl_0.13-1_all.deb minimal lightweight exception class
libclass-tiny-chained-perl_0.004-1_all.deb minimalist class construction module with chained attributes
libclass-tiny-perl_1.006-1_all.deb minimalist class construction module for Perl
libclass-trait-perl_0.31-4_all.deb Implementation of Traits in Perl
libclass-trigger-perl_0.14-2_all.deb Mix-in to add/call inheritable triggers
libclass-unload-perl_0.11-1_all.deb Perl module to unload a class at runtime
libclass-virtual-perl_0.08-1_all.deb Base class for virtual base classes
libclass-whitehole-perl_0.04-7_all.deb base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors
libclass-xsaccessor-perl_1.19-3+b2_i386.deb Perl module providing fast XS accessors
libclassad-dev_8.6.8~dfsg.1-2+b1_i386.deb HTCondor classads expression language - development library
libclassad8_8.6.8~dfsg.1-2+b1_i386.deb HTCondor classads expression language - runtime library
libclasslojure-clojure_0.7.1-4_all.deb Advanced classloading for Clojure
libclassycle-java-doc_1.4.2-1_all.deb Analysing tool for Java dependencies - documentation
libclassycle-java_1.4.2-1_all.deb Analysing tool for Java dependencies
libclaw-application-dev_1.7.4-2_i386.deb Set of classes to ease the initialisation of the program (development files)
libclaw-application1v5_1.7.4-2_i386.deb Set of classes to ease the initialisation of the program
libclaw-configuration-file-dev_1.7.4-2_i386.deb Class to process configuration files (development files)
libclaw-configuration-file1v5_1.7.4-2_i386.deb Class to process configuration files
libclaw-dev_1.7.4-2_i386.deb Claw is a generalist C++ library (development files)
libclaw-doc_1.7.4-2_all.deb Claw is a generalist C++ library (documentation files)
libclaw-dynamic-library-dev_1.7.4-2_i386.deb Class to ease the manipulation of dynamic libraries (development files)