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Package Description
openigtlink-doc_1.11.0-4_all.deb Open IGT Link is a simple network protocol - documentation
openigtlink-examples_1.11.0-4_all.deb Open IGT Link is a simple network protocol - examples
openimageio-tools_2.0.5~dfsg0-1_i386.deb Library for reading and writing images - command line tools
openipmi_2.0.25-2.1_i386.deb Intelligent Platform Management Interface (for servers)
openjade_1.4devel1-21.3+b1_i386.deb Implementation of the DSSSL language
openjdk-11-demo_11.0.3+1-1_i386.deb Java runtime based on OpenJDK (demos and examples)
openjdk-11-doc_11.0.3+1-1_all.deb OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation
openjdk-11-jdk-headless_11.0.3+1-1_i386.deb OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) (headless)
openjdk-11-jdk_11.0.3+1-1_i386.deb OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK)
openjdk-11-jre-dcevm_11.0.3+1-1_i386.deb Alternative VM for OpenJDK 11 with enhanced class redefinition
openjdk-11-jre-headless_11.0.3+1-1_i386.deb OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT (headless)
openjdk-11-jre-zero_11.0.3+1-1_i386.deb Alternative JVM for OpenJDK, using Zero
openjdk-11-jre_11.0.3+1-1_i386.deb OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT
openjdk-11-source_11.0.3+1-1_all.deb OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) source files
openjfx-source_11.0.2+1-1_all.deb JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java (sources)
openjfx_11.0.2+1-1_i386.deb JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java
openlp_2.4.6-1_all.deb Church lyrics projection application
openlugaru-data_1.2-4_all.deb transitional package - data
openlugaru_1.2-4_all.deb transitional package
openmcdf_1.5.4-3_all.deb Structured Storage Explorer
openmpi-bin_3.1.3-11_i386.deb high performance message passing library -- binaries
openmpi-common_3.1.3-11_all.deb high performance message passing library -- common files
openmpi-doc_3.1.3-11_all.deb high performance message passing library -- man pages
openmpt123_0.4.3-1_i386.deb module music library based on OpenMPT -- music player
openms-common_2.4.0-real-1_all.deb package for LC/MS data management and analysis - shared data
openms-doc_2.4.0-real-1_all.deb package for LC/MS data management and analysis - documentation
openms_2.4.0-real-1_all.deb package for LC/MS data management and analysis
openmsx-catapult_0.15.0-1_i386.deb GUI for openMSX
openmsx-data_0.15.0-2_all.deb datafiles for openMSX, an MSX emulator
openmsx-debugger_0.1~git20170806-1_i386.deb Graphical debugger for openMSX
openmsx_0.15.0-2_i386.deb MSX emulator that aims for perfection
openmx-data_3.8.5+dfsg1-1_all.deb package for nano-scale material simulations (data)
openmx_3.8.5+dfsg1-1_i386.deb package for nano-scale material simulations
openni-doc_1.5.4.0+dfsg-2_all.deb developer documentation for OpenNI frameworks
openni-utils_1.5.4.0+dfsg-2_i386.deb debug and test utilities OpenNI framework
openni2-doc_2.2.0.33+dfsg-11_all.deb developer documentation for OpenNI frameworks
openni2-utils_2.2.0.33+dfsg-11_i386.deb debug and test utilities OpenNI2 framework
openntpd_6.2p3-4_i386.deb OpenBSD NTP daemon
openobex-apps_1.7.2-1_i386.deb Applications for OpenOBEX
openocd_0.10.0-5_i386.deb Open on-chip JTAG debug solution for ARM and MIPS systems
openorienteering-mapper_0.8.4-1+b1_i386.deb Orienteering map drawing application
openoverlayrouter_1.2.2+ds1-1_i386.deb deploy programmable overlay networks
openpgp-applet_1.1-3_all.deb GNOME applet for OpenPGP text encryption
openpref_0.1.3-2+b1_i386.deb card game against two virtual players
openprinting-ppds_20181217-2_all.deb OpenPrinting printer support - PostScript PPD files
openrazer-daemon_2.4.0+dfsg-1_all.deb OpenRazer peripheral drivers (daemon)
openrazer-doc_2.4.0+dfsg-1_all.deb OpenRazer peripheral drivers (documentation)
openrazer-driver-dkms_2.4.0+dfsg-1_all.deb OpenRazer peripheral drivers (DKMS)
openrazer-meta_2.4.0+dfsg-1_all.deb OpenRazer peripheral drivers (metapackage)
openrc_0.40.3-1_i386.deb dependency based service manager (runlevel change mechanism)
openresolv_3.8.0-1_i386.deb management framework for resolv.conf
openrpt_3.3.14-2+b2_i386.deb graphical SQL report writer, designer and rendering engine
opensaml-schemas_3.0.1-1_all.deb Security Assertion Markup Language library (XML schemas)
opensaml-tools_3.0.1-1_i386.deb Security Assertion Markup Language command-line tools
opensaml2-schemas_3.0.1-1_all.deb transitional package
opensaml2-tools_3.0.1-1_all.deb transitional package
opensc-pkcs11_0.19.0-1_i386.deb Smart card utilities with support for PKCS#15 compatible cards
opensc_0.19.0-1_i386.deb Smart card utilities with support for PKCS#15 compatible cards
openscad-mcad_2019.02-1_all.deb library for the OpenSCAD 3D modeling software
openscad-testing-data_2019.01~RC2-2_all.deb script file based graphical CAD environment (test suite data)
openscad-testing_2019.01~RC2-2_i386.deb script file based graphical CAD environment (test suite)
openscad_2019.01~RC2-2_i386.deb script file based graphical CAD environment
openscap-daemon_0.1.10-3_all.deb Daemon for infrastructure continuous SCAP compliance checks
openscenegraph-3.4-doc_3.4.1+dfsg1-5_all.deb 3D scene graph, documentation
openscenegraph-3.4-examples_3.4.1+dfsg1-5_all.deb 3D scene graph, examples (sources)
openscenegraph-3.4_3.4.1+dfsg1-5_i386.deb 3D scene graph, utilities and examples (binaries)
openscenegraph-doc_3.2.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb 3D scene graph, documentation
openscenegraph-examples_3.2.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb 3D scene graph, examples (sources)
openscenegraph-plugin-osgearth_2.10.0+dfsg-1+b1_i386.deb OpenSceneGraph plugins for osgEarth
openscenegraph_3.2.3+dfsg1-3_i386.deb 3D scene graph, utilities and examples (binaries)
opense-basic_3.1.2-3_all.deb Free software ROM for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
openshot-doc_2.4.3+dfsg1-1_all.deb documentation for openshot-qt (transitional package)
openshot-qt-doc_2.4.3+dfsg1-1_all.deb documentation for openshot-qt
openshot-qt_2.4.3+dfsg1-1_all.deb create and edit videos and movies
openshot_2.4.3+dfsg1-1_all.deb create and edit videos and movies (transitional package)
openslide-tools_3.4.1+dfsg-4_i386.deb Manipulation and conversion tools for OpenSlide
opensm-doc_3.3.21-2_all.deb Documentation for the InfiniBand subnet manager
opensm_3.3.21-2_i386.deb InfiniBand subnet manager
opensmtpd-extras_5.7.1-4+b2_i386.deb addons for the OpenSMTPD SMTP server
opensmtpd_6.0.3p1-5_i386.deb secure, reliable, lean, and easy-to configure SMTP server
opensp_1.5.2-13+b1_i386.deb OpenJade group's SGML parsing tools
openssh-client-ssh1_7.5p1-11_i386.deb secure shell (SSH) client for legacy SSH1 protocol
openssh-client_7.9p1-10_i386.deb secure shell (SSH) client, for secure access to remote machines
openssh-known-hosts_0.6.2-1_all.deb download, filter and merge known_hosts for OpenSSH
openssh-server_7.9p1-10_i386.deb secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines
openssh-sftp-server_7.9p1-10_i386.deb secure shell (SSH) sftp server module, for SFTP access from remote machines
openssh-tests_7.9p1-10_i386.deb OpenSSH regression tests
openssl_1.1.1c-1_i386.deb Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility
openssn-data_1.4-3_all.deb modern submarine tactical simulator (data)
openssn_1.4-3_i386.deb modern submarine tactical simulator
openstack-clients_0.25_all.deb Metapackage to install all Openstack clients
openstack-cloud-identity_0.25_all.deb Metapackage to install an Openstack keystone
openstack-cloud-services_0.25_all.deb Metapackage to install all Openstack service dependencies
openstack-cluster-installer-cli_21_all.deb automatic PXE and puppet-master installer for OpenStack - API client
openstack-cluster-installer-poc_21_all.deb automatic PXE and puppet-master installer for OpenStack - PoC
openstack-cluster-installer_21_all.deb automatic PXE and puppet-master installer for OpenStack
openstack-compute-node_0.25_all.deb Metapackage to install an Openstack compute node
openstack-dashboard-apache_14.0.2-3_all.deb web application to control an OpenStack cloud - Apache support
openstack-dashboard_14.0.2-3_all.deb web application to control an OpenStack cloud
openstack-debian-images_1.36_i386.deb script to build a Debian image for OpenStack
openstack-deploy_0.25_all.deb Tools to deploy OpenStack
openstack-pkg-tools_91_all.deb Tools and scripts for building Openstack packages in Debian
openstack-proxy-node_0.25_all.deb Metapackage to install an Openstack proxy node
openstack-puppet-modules_0.25_all.deb Metapackage to install all OpenStack puppet modules
openstack-tempest-ci-live-booter_0.25_all.deb configures a server to boot a custom live image to test OpenStack
openstack-tempest-ci_0.25_all.deb validate OpenStack Debian packages using tempest and openstack-deploy
openstack-toaster_0.25_all.deb Metapackage to install all of Openstack services at once
openstv_1.6.1-1.2_all.deb single transferable vote and instant runoff voting software
opensurgsim-doc_0.7.0-8_all.deb Free platform for surgical simulation - documentation
opensvc_1.8~20170412-3_all.deb Tools to drive OpenSVC services
openthesaurus-de-text_20160424-3_all.deb German Text Thesaurus for e.g. ding
openttd-data_1.8.0-2_all.deb common data files for the OpenTTD game
openttd-opengfx_0.5.4-2_all.deb free graphics set for use with the OpenTTD game
openttd-openmsx_0.3.1-5_all.deb free music set for use with the OpenTTD game
openttd_1.8.0-2_i386.deb reimplementation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe with enhancements
openuniverse-common_1.0beta3.1+dfsg-6_all.deb 3D Universe Simulator data files
openuniverse_1.0beta3.1+dfsg-6_i386.deb 3D Universe Simulator
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-all_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - data files meta package
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-ja_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - Japanese data files
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-ko_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - Korean data files
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-th_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - Thai data files
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-vi_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - Vietnamese data files
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-zh-cn_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - Chinese (Simplified) data files
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-zh-hk_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - Chinese (Hongkong) data files
openvanilla-imgeneric-data-zh-tw_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_all.deb libraries of openvanilla input method - Chinese (Traditional) data files
openvanilla-imgeneric_0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-3_i386.deb libraries of openvanilla input method
openvas-cli_1.4.5-2_i386.deb Command Line Tools for OpenVAS
openvas-manager-common_7.0.3-1_all.deb architecture independent files for openvas-manager
openvas-manager_7.0.3-1_i386.deb Manager Module of OpenVAS
openvas-nasl_9.0.3-1+b1_i386.deb remote network security auditor - nasl tool
openvas-scanner_5.1.3-2_i386.deb remote network security auditor - scanner
openvas_9.0.3_all.deb remote network security auditor - dummy package
openvpn-auth-ldap_2.0.3-6.1+b2_i386.deb OpenVPN LDAP authentication module
openvpn-auth-radius_2.1-7_i386.deb OpenVPN RADIUS authentication module
openvpn-systemd-resolved_1.2.7-1_i386.deb integrates OpenVPN with systemd-resolved
openvpn_2.4.7-1_i386.deb virtual private network daemon
openvswitch-common_2.10.0+2018.08.28+git.8ca7c82b7d+ds1-12_i386.deb Open vSwitch common components
openvswitch-dev_2.10.0+2018.08.28+git.8ca7c82b7d+ds1-12_i386.deb Open vSwitch development package
openvswitch-pki_2.10.0+2018.08.28+git.8ca7c82b7d+ds1-12_all.deb Open vSwitch public key infrastructure dependency package
openvswitch-switch_2.10.0+2018.08.28+git.8ca7c82b7d+ds1-12_i386.deb Open vSwitch switch implementations
openvswitch-testcontroller_2.10.0+2018.08.28+git.8ca7c82b7d+ds1-12_i386.deb Simple controller for testing OpenFlow setups
openvswitch-vtep_2.10.0+2018.08.28+git.8ca7c82b7d+ds1-12_i386.deb Open vSwitch VTEP utilities
openwince-include_0.3.2-4_i386.deb Common include files for the open wince project
openwince-jtag_0.5.1-7_i386.deb allows programming jtag capable devices such as CPUs or FPGAs
openyahtzee_1.9.3-2_i386.deb classic dice game of Yahtzee
openzwave_1.5+ds-6_i386.deb Sample Program for libopenzwave
opgpcard_0.1.4-1_all.deb tool to create printable business cards including OpenPGP
ophcrack-cli_3.8.0-2_i386.deb Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (cmdline)
ophcrack_3.8.0-2_i386.deb Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (gui)
oping_1.10.0-2.1+b1_i386.deb sends ICMP_ECHO requests to network hosts
opl3-soundfont_1.0-3_all.deb OPL3 SoundFont that simulates the sound of an OPL3 chip
opt_3.19-1.3+b1_i386.deb Options Parsing Tool library
optcomp_1.6-2+b1_i386.deb syntax extension for optional compilation with cpp-like directives (tools)
optgeo_2.25-1_i386.deb simulator for geometrical optics
opticalraytracer_3.2-1.1_all.deb Virtual lens design workshop
optipng_0.7.7-1_i386.deb advanced PNG (Portable Network Graphics) optimizer
opus-tools_0.1.10-1_i386.deb Opus codec command line tools
ora2pg_20.0-1_all.deb Oracle/MySQL to PostgreSQL database schema converter
orage-data_4.12.1-6_all.deb Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment (data files)
orage_4.12.1-6_i386.deb Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment
orbital-eunuchs-sniper-data_1.30+svn20070601-4_all.deb game data files for the game Orbital Eunuchs Sniper
orbital-eunuchs-sniper_1.30+svn20070601-4+b2_i386.deb anti-terrorist, pro-Eunuchs, satellite sniping game
orca-sops_1.0.2-2_all.deb simple orca plugin system
orca_3.30.1-1_all.deb Scriptable screen reader
oregano_0.84.41+dfsg.1-1_i386.deb tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits
org-mode_9.1.14+dfsg-3_all.deb Transition Package, org-mode to elpa-org
origami-pdf_2.0.0-1_all.deb PDF analysis and manipulation tool
origami_1.2.7+really0.7.4-1.1_all.deb command-line management tool for Folding @ Home clients
original-awk_2012-12-20-6_i386.deb The original awk described in "The AWK Programming Language"
oroborus_2.0.20_i386.deb A lightweight themeable windowmanager for X
orpie_1.5.2-2+b1_i386.deb RPN calculator for the terminal
orthanc-dev_1.5.6+dfsg-1_i386.deb Orthanc development files
orthanc-dicomweb_0.6+dfsg-1_i386.deb Plugin to extend Orthanc with support of WADO and DICOMweb
orthanc-doc_1.5.6+dfsg-1_all.deb Documentation of Orthanc
orthanc-imagej_1.2+dfsg-1_all.deb ImageJ plugin to import images from Orthanc
orthanc-mysql_2.0-2_i386.deb Plugins to use MySQL or MariaDB as a database back-end to Orthanc
orthanc-postgresql_3.2-1_i386.deb Plugins to use PostgreSQL as a database back-end to Orthanc
orthanc-webviewer_2.5-1_i386.deb Web viewer of medical images for Orthanc
orthanc-wsi_0.6-2_i386.deb Whole-slide imaging support for Orthanc (digital pathology)
orthanc_1.5.6+dfsg-1_i386.deb Lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for medical imaging
orville-write_2.55-3+b1_i386.deb An alternative to the standard write program
os-brick-common_2.5.5-1_all.deb Library for managing local volume attaches - common files
os-prober_1.77_i386.deb utility to detect other OSes on a set of drives
osc-plugins-dput_20180227.1_all.deb dput plugin for OpenSUSE (buildsystem) commander
osc_0.164.2-1_all.deb Open Build Service commander
osdclock_0.5-24_i386.deb Clock using the XOSD library
osdsh_0.7.0-10.3_i386.deb overlays your screen with various system information
osgearth-data_2.10.0+dfsg-1_all.deb Dynamic 3D terrain rendering toolkit for OpenSceneGraph (data)
osgearth_2.10.0+dfsg-1+b1_i386.deb Dynamic 3D terrain rendering toolkit for OpenSceneGraph (binaries)
osinfo-db-tools_1.1.0-1_i386.deb libosinfo database tools
osinfo-db_0.20181120-1_all.deb Operating system database files
oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver_8.1.3-1_all.deb Oslo Messaging ZeroMQ receiver daemon
osm2pgrouting_2.3.6-1_i386.deb Tool to import OpenStreetMap data into a pgRouting database
osm2pgsql_0.96.0+ds-2+b1_i386.deb OpenStreetMap data to PostgreSQL converter
osmcoastline_2.2.4-1_i386.deb Extract coastline data from OpenStreetMap planet file
osmctools_0.9-2_i386.deb Some tools to manipulate OpenStreetMap files
osmium-tool_1.10.0-1_i386.deb Command line tool for working with OpenStreetMap data
osmo-bsc-bs11-utils_1.3.0-2_i386.deb Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS
osmo-bsc-ipaccess-utils_1.3.0-2_i386.deb Command line utilities for ip.access nanoBTS
osmo-bsc-meas-utils_1.3.0-2_i386.deb Command line utilities to manage measurement reports
osmo-bsc-mgcp_1.4.0-1_i386.deb Osmocom's Legacy Media Gateway
osmo-bsc_1.3.0-2_i386.deb GSM Base Station Controller
osmo-bts_0.8.1-2_i386.deb Base Transceiver Station for GSM
osmo-fl2k_0.1.0+20180423git9e79bde-2_i386.deb use a VGA USB adapter as DAC and SDR transmitter
osmo-gbproxy_1.3.0-2_i386.deb GPRS Gb Interface Proxy
osmo-ggsn_1.2.2-4_i386.deb Osmocom Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)
osmo-gtphub_1.3.0-2_i386.deb Proxy for GTP traffic between multiple SGSNs and GGSNs
osmo-hlr_0.2.1-3_i386.deb Osmocom Home Location Register
osmo-hnbgw_0.3.0-5_i386.deb osmocom Home Node B Gateway
osmo-libasn1c-dev_0.9.31-2_i386.deb asn1c runtime code as shared library - development files
osmo-libasn1c0_0.9.31-2_i386.deb asn1c runtime code as shared library
osmo-mgw_1.4.0-1_i386.deb Osmocom's Media Gateway for 2G and 3G circuit-switched mobile networks
osmo-msc_1.2.0-3_i386.deb Osmocom's Mobile Switching Center for 2G and 3G mobile networks
osmo-pcu_0.5.1-1_i386.deb Osmocom GPRS/EDGE Packet Control Unit (PCU)
osmo-sdr_0.1.8.effcaa7-7+b1_i386.deb Software defined radio support for OsmoSDR hardware (tools)
osmo-sgsn_1.3.0-2_i386.deb Serving GPRS Support Node for 2G and 3G networks
osmo-stp_0.10.0-4_i386.deb Osmocom SIGTRAN STP (Signaling Transfer Point)
osmo-trx_0.4.0-1+b3_i386.deb SDR transceiver that implements Layer 1 of a GSM BTS
osmo_0.4.2-2_i386.deb personal organizer for GTK+
osmocom-bs11-utils_1.1.0-2_i386.deb Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS
osmocom-bsc-nat_1.1.0-2_i386.deb Osmocom Base Station Controller Network Address Translation
osmocom-bsc_1.1.0-2_i386.deb GSM Base Station Controller
osmocom-ipaccess-utils_1.1.0-2_i386.deb Command line utilities for ip.access nanoBTS
osmocom-nitb_1.1.0-2_i386.deb GSM Network-in-a-Box, implements BSC, MSC, SMSC, HLR, VLR
osmose-emulator_1.4-1_i386.deb Sega Master System and Game Gear console emulator
osmosis_0.47-4_all.deb Command line OpenStreetMap data processor
osmpbf-bin_1.3.3-11+b1_i386.deb OpenStreetMap PBF file format library - tools
ospics_0.73-8_all.deb Some images of operating system logos/mascots
osptoolkit_4.13.0-1_i386.deb Open source client side development kit for Open Settlement Protocol
oss-compat_7_i386.deb Open Sound System (OSS) compatibility package
oss-preserve_1.1-6+b2_i386.deb Program to save/restore OSS mixer settings
ossim-core_2.6.2-1_i386.deb OSSIM core utilities
osslsigncode_2.0-1_i386.deb Authenticode signing tool
osspd-alsa_1.3.2-11_i386.deb OSS Proxy Daemon: ALSA backend (experimental)
osspd-pulseaudio_1.3.2-11_i386.deb OSS Proxy Daemon: PulseAudio backend
osspd_1.3.2-11_i386.deb OSS Proxy Daemon: Userland OSS emulation
ostinato_0.9-2+b1_i386.deb Packet/Traffic Generator and Analyzer
ostree-tests_2019.1-1_i386.deb content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries - tests
ostree_2019.1-1_i386.deb content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries
otags_4.05.1-1_i386.deb tags file generator for OCaml
otb-bin-qt_6.6.1+dfsg-1+b1_i386.deb ORFEO Toolbox graphical user interface applications
otb-bin_6.6.1+dfsg-1+b1_i386.deb ORFEO Toolbox command line applications
otb-i18n_6.6.1+dfsg-1_all.deb ORFEO Toolbox translations
otb-qgis_6.6.1+dfsg-1+b1_i386.deb ORFEO Toolbox library - otbQgisDescriptor
otb-testdriver_6.6.1+dfsg-1+b1_i386.deb ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBTestDriver
otcl-shells_1.14+dfsg-4_i386.deb OTcl shells
otf-trace_1.12.5+dfsg-4_i386.deb Open Trace Format support library - development files
otf2bdf_3.1-4.1_i386.deb generate BDF bitmap fonts from OpenType outline fonts
otp_1.2.2-1+b1_i386.deb Generator for One Time Pads or Passwords
otpw-bin_1.5-2_i386.deb OTPW programs for generating OTPW lists