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libxerces2-java-doc_2.12.0-1_all.deb Validating XML parser for Java -- Documentation and examples
libxerces2-java_2.12.0-1_all.deb Validating XML parser for Java with DOM level 3 support
libxext-dev_1.3.3-1+b2_i386.deb X11 miscellaneous extensions library (development headers)
libxext-doc_1.3.3-1_all.deb X11 miscellaneous extensions library (documentation)
libxext6_1.3.3-1+b2_i386.deb X11 miscellaneous extension library
libxfce4panel-2.0-4_4.12.2-1_i386.deb Xfce4 panel libraries (GTK3 variant)
libxfce4panel-2.0-dev_4.12.2-1_i386.deb Xfce4 panel libraries (GTK3 variant)
libxfce4ui-1-0_4.12.1-3_i386.deb widget library for Xfce - Gtk+2 variant
libxfce4ui-1-dev_4.12.1-3_i386.deb Development files for libxfce4ui - Gtk+2 variant
libxfce4ui-2-0_4.12.1-3_i386.deb widget library for Xfce - Gtk+3 variant
libxfce4ui-2-dev_4.12.1-3_i386.deb Development files for libxfce4ui - Gtk+3 variant
libxfce4ui-common_4.12.1-3_all.deb common files for libxfce4ui
libxfce4ui-utils_4.12.1-3_i386.deb Utility files for libxfce4ui
libxfce4util-bin_4.12.1-3_i386.deb tools for libxfce4util
libxfce4util-common_4.12.1-3_all.deb common files for libxfce4util
libxfce4util-dev_4.12.1-3_i386.deb Development files for libxfce4util7
libxfce4util7_4.12.1-3_i386.deb Utility functions library for Xfce4
libxfconf-0-2_4.12.1-1_i386.deb Client library for Xfce4 configure interface
libxfconf-0-dev_4.12.1-1_i386.deb Development files for libxfconf
libxfixes-dev_5.0.3-1_i386.deb X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library (development headers)
libxfixes3_5.0.3-1_i386.deb X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library
libxfont-dev_2.0.3-1_i386.deb X11 font rasterisation library (development headers)
libxfont2_2.0.3-1_i386.deb X11 font rasterisation library
libxft-dev_2.3.2-2_i386.deb FreeType-based font drawing library for X (development files)
libxft2_2.3.2-2_i386.deb FreeType-based font drawing library for X
libxgks-dev_2.6.1+dfsg.2-5+b1_i386.deb X11 Graphical Kernel Subsystem, development files
libxgks2-data_2.6.1+dfsg.2-5_all.deb Font files for the X11 Graphical Kernel Subsystem
libxgks2_2.6.1+dfsg.2-5+b1_i386.deb X11 Graphical Kernel Subsystem, library
libxi-dev_1.7.9-1_i386.deb X11 Input extension library (development headers)
libxi6_1.7.9-1_i386.deb X11 Input extension library
libxine2-all-plugins_1.2.9-1_all.deb xine video/media player library ‒ metapackage for all plugins
libxine2-bin_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb xine video/media player library – binary files
libxine2-console_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb libaa/libcaca/framebuffer/directfb related plugins for libxine2
libxine2-dev_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb xine video player library – development packages
libxine2-doc_1.2.9-1_all.deb xine video player library – documentation files
libxine2-ffmpeg_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb MPEG-related plugins for libxine2
libxine2-gnome_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb GNOME-related plugins for libxine2
libxine2-misc-plugins_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb Input, audio output and post plugins for libxine2
libxine2-plugins_1.2.9-1_all.deb xine video/media player library ‒ metapackage for commonly-used plugins
libxine2-vdr_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb VDR-related plugins for libxine2
libxine2-x_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb X desktop video output plugins for libxine2
libxine2-xvdr_2.1.0-1+b1_i386.deb Xine input plugin for vdr-plugin-xineliboutput streams
libxine2_1.2.9-1+b2_i386.deb xine media player library – metapackage
libxineliboutput-fbfe_2.1.0-1+b1_i386.deb Local framebuffer frontend for the xineliboutput plugin
libxineliboutput-sxfe_2.1.0-1+b1_i386.deb Local X-Server frontend for the xineliboutput plugin
libxinerama-dev_1.1.4-2_i386.deb X11 Xinerama extension library (development headers)
libxinerama1_1.1.4-2_i386.deb X11 Xinerama extension library
libxkbcommon-dev_0.8.2-1_i386.deb library interface to the XKB compiler - development files
libxkbcommon-doc_0.8.2-1_all.deb library interface to the XKB compiler - documentation
libxkbcommon-x11-0_0.8.2-1_i386.deb library to create keymaps with the XKB X11 protocol
libxkbcommon-x11-dev_0.8.2-1_i386.deb library to create keymaps with the XKB X11 protocol - development files
libxkbcommon0_0.8.2-1_i386.deb library interface to the XKB compiler - shared library
libxkbfile-dev_1.0.9-2+b11_i386.deb X11 keyboard file manipulation library (development headers)
libxkbfile1_1.0.9-2+b11_i386.deb X11 keyboard file manipulation library
libxklavier-dev_5.4-4_i386.deb Development files for libxklavier
libxklavier16_5.4-4_i386.deb X Keyboard Extension high-level API
libxm4_2.3.8-2_i386.deb Motif - X/Motif shared library
libxmhtml-dev_1.1.10-3_i386.deb Motif widget for displaying HTML 3.2 (development files)
libxmhtml1.1_1.1.10-3_i386.deb Motif widget for displaying HTML 3.2 (library)
libxml++2.6-2v5_2.40.1-3_i386.deb C++ interface to the GNOME XML library (libxml2)
libxml++2.6-dev_2.40.1-3_i386.deb C++ interface to the GNOME XML library (libxml2) - dev files
libxml++2.6-doc_2.40.1-3_all.deb HTML interface documentation and examples for libxml++
libxml-atom-fromowl-perl_0.102-1_all.deb export RDF data to Atom
libxml-atom-owl-perl_0.104-1_all.deb parse an Atom file into RDF
libxml-atom-perl_0.42-2_all.deb module for manipulating Atom feeds
libxml-atom-service-perl_0.16.2-2_all.deb Atom Service Document object
libxml-atom-simplefeed-perl_0.902-1_all.deb Perl module for generation of Atom syndication feeds
libxml-autowriter-perl_0.40-4_all.deb Perl module to produce DOCTYPE-based XML output
libxml-bare-perl_0.53-1+b6_i386.deb Perl module to parse XML into a Perl hash
libxml-catalog-perl_1.03-2_all.deb Perl module for resolving public and remapping system identifiers
libxml-checker-perl_0.13-6_all.deb Perl modules for validating XML
libxml-commonns-perl_0.06-4_all.deb list of commonly used XML namespaces
libxml-commons-external-java-doc_1.4.01-3_all.deb Documentation of XML Commons external API
libxml-commons-external-java_1.4.01-3_all.deb XML Commons external code - DOM, SAX, and JAXP, etc
libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java-doc_1.2-9_all.deb XML entity and URI resolver library -- documentation
libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java_1.2-9_all.deb XML entity and URI resolver library
libxml-compacttree-perl_0.03-1_all.deb fast parser of XML document into nested arrays
libxml-compile-cache-perl_1.06-1_all.deb module that keeps the cache of compiled XML schemas
libxml-compile-dumper-perl_0.14-1_all.deb module to help saving and loading the compiled XML processors
libxml-compile-perl_1.61-1_all.deb Perl module to translate between XML and Perl based on XML schemas
libxml-compile-tester-perl_0.91-1_all.deb Perl module to support regression testing of "XML::Compile" modules
libxml-csv-perl_0.15-9_all.deb Perl module for transforming CSV documents into XML
libxml-descent-perl_1.04-4_all.deb Perl module for recursive descent XML parsing
libxml-dom-perl_1.44-2_all.deb Perl module for building DOM Level 1 compliant doc structures
libxml-dom-xpath-perl_0.14-3_all.deb adds XPath support to XML::DOM, using XML::XPathEngine
libxml-dt-perl_0.68-1_all.deb module for down translation of XML files
libxml-dtdparser-perl_2.01-5_all.deb perl module providing a quick and dirty DTD parser
libxml-dumper-perl_0.81-1.2_all.deb Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML
libxml-easy-perl_0.011-1+b1_i386.deb Perl module for XML processing with a clean interface
libxml-encoding-perl_2.09-1_all.deb Perl module for parsing encoding map XML files
libxml-feed-perl_0.59+dfsg-1_all.deb syndication feed parser and auto-discovery Perl module
libxml-feedpp-mediarss-perl_0.02-2_all.deb Perl module providing Media RSS support for XML::FeedPP
libxml-feedpp-perl_0.95-1_all.deb module to parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds
libxml-filter-buffertext-perl_1.01-6_all.deb Perl module for putting all characters into a single event
libxml-filter-detectws-perl_0.01-8_all.deb Perl module for detecting ignorable whitespace
libxml-filter-reindent-perl_0.03-8_all.deb Perl module for reformatting whitespace for pretty printing XML
libxml-filter-saxt-perl_0.01-8_all.deb Perl module for replicating events to several event handlers
libxml-filter-sort-perl_1.01-4_all.deb Perl module that implement a SAX filter for sorting XML elements
libxml-filter-xslt-perl_0.03-9_all.deb Perl module for XSLT as a SAX Filter
libxml-generator-perl_1.04-2_all.deb Perl module for generating XML files
libxml-generator-perldata-perl_0.95-1_all.deb module for generating SAX2 events from nested Perl data structures
libxml-grove-perl_0.46alpha-13_all.deb Perl module for accessing parsed *ML instances
libxml-handler-composer-perl_0.01-9_all.deb Perl module for generating XML output
libxml-handler-printevents-perl_0.01-8_all.deb Perl module for printing PerlSAX events (for debugging)
libxml-handler-trees-perl_0.02-7_all.deb Perl module for building tree structures using PerlSAX handlers
libxml-handler-yawriter-perl_0.23-7_all.deb Perl module for writing XML documents
libxml-hash-lx-perl_0.0603-1_all.deb module to convert hash to xml and vice versa using LibXML
libxml-java_1.1.6.dfsg-3_all.deb namespace aware SAX-Parser utility library
libxml-libxml-debugging-perl_0.103-2_all.deb get debugging information from XML::LibXML
libxml-libxml-iterator-perl_1.04-2_all.deb Iterator for XML parse-trees generated by XML::LibXML
libxml-libxml-lazybuilder-perl_0.08-2_all.deb easy and lazy way to create XML documents for XML::LibXML
libxml-libxml-perl_2.0134+dfsg-1_i386.deb Perl interface to the libxml2 library
libxml-libxml-simple-perl_0.99-1_all.deb Perl module that uses the XML::LibXML parser for XML structures
libxml-libxslt-perl_1.96-1+b1_i386.deb Perl interface to the GNOME libxslt library
libxml-light-ocaml-dev_2.4-1+b1_i386.deb mininal XML parser and printer for OCaml (development package)
libxml-light-ocaml_2.4-1+b1_i386.deb mininal XML parser and printer for OCaml (runtime package)
libxml-maven-plugin-java_1.0.1-4_all.deb Maven XML Plugin
libxml-mini-perl_1.38-3_all.deb Perl implementation of the MiniXML XML generator and parser
libxml-namespace-perl_0.02-3_all.deb simple support for XML namespaces
libxml-namespacefactory-perl_1.02-1_all.deb simple factory objects for SAX namespaced names
libxml-namespacesupport-perl_1.12-1_all.deb Perl module for supporting simple generic namespaces
libxml-node-perl_0.11-9_all.deb Perl module for parsing XML files node based
libxml-nodefilter-perl_0.01-7_all.deb Perl module for a generic node-filter class for DOM traversal
libxml-opml-perl_0.26-3_all.deb Perl module to create and update OPML files
libxml-opml-simplegen-perl_0.07-1_all.deb module for creating OPML using XML::Simple
libxml-parser-easytree-perl_0.01-1_all.deb easier tree style for XML::Parser
libxml-parser-lite-perl_0.722-1_all.deb lightweight regexp-based XML parser
libxml-parser-lite-tree-perl_0.14-2_all.deb lightweight XML tree builder
libxml-parser-perl_2.44-4_i386.deb Perl module for parsing XML files
libxml-perl_0.08-3_all.deb Perl modules for working with XML
libxml-quote-perl_1.02-4+b1_i386.deb XML quote/dequote functions
libxml-regexp-perl_0.04-1_all.deb Perl module for regular expressions for XML tokens
libxml-rpc-fast-perl_0.8-1_all.deb fast and modular implementation for an XML-RPC client and server
libxml-rss-feed-perl_2.212-1.1_all.deb Perl module for Persistent XML RSS (RDF Site Summary) Encapsulation
libxml-rss-libxml-perl_0.3105+dfsg-2_all.deb module for creating, parsing, updating RSS files with XML::LibXML
libxml-rss-perl_1.60-1_all.deb Perl module for managing RSS (RDF Site Summary) files
libxml-rss-simplegen-perl_11.11-6_all.deb Perl module for easily writing RSS files
libxml-rsslite-perl_0.15+dfsg-3_all.deb lightweight, "relaxed" RSS (and XML-ish) parser
libxml-sax-base-perl_1.09-1_all.deb base class for SAX drivers and filters
libxml-sax-expat-incremental-perl_0.05-2_all.deb XML::SAX::Expat subclass for non-blocking (incremental) parsing
libxml-sax-expat-perl_0.51-1_all.deb Perl module for a SAX2 driver for Expat (XML::Parser)
libxml-sax-expatxs-perl_1.33-2+b5_i386.deb Perl SAX 2 XS extension to Expat parser
libxml-sax-machines-perl_0.46-1_all.deb Perl module collection for managing SAX processors
libxml-sax-perl_1.00+dfsg-1_all.deb Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 XML processors
libxml-sax-writer-perl_0.57-1_all.deb Perl module for a SAX2 XML writer
libxml-saxon-xslt2-perl_0.010-3_all.deb process XSLT 2.0 using Saxon 9.x
libxml-security-c-dev_2.0.2-3_i386.deb C++ library for XML Digital Signatures (development)
libxml-security-c20_2.0.2-3_i386.deb C++ library for XML Digital Signatures (runtime)
libxml-security-java-doc_2.0.10-2_all.deb Documentation for Apache Santuario
libxml-security-java_2.0.10-2_all.deb Apache Santuario -- XML Security for Java
libxml-semanticdiff-perl_1.0007-1_all.deb Perl extension for comparing XML documents
libxml-simple-perl_2.25-1_all.deb Perl module for reading and writing XML
libxml-simpleobject-enhanced-perl_0.53-3_all.deb Perl module which enhances libxml-simpleobject-perl
libxml-simpleobject-libxml-perl_0.53-3_all.deb Simple oo representation of an XML::LibXML DOM object
libxml-simpleobject-perl_0.53-3_all.deb Objectoriented Perl interface to a parsed XML::Parser tree
libxml-smart-perl_1.78-2_all.deb Perl module for access to parsed XML trees
libxml-stream-perl_1.24-3_all.deb module for manipulating streaming XML data
libxml-struct-perl_0.27-1_all.deb represent XML as data structure preserving element order
libxml-structured-perl_1.01-3_all.deb module to convert XML data into a predefined Perl data structure and back
libxml-tidy-perl_1.20-1_all.deb module for tidy indenting of XML documents
libxml-tmx-perl_0.36-1_all.deb Perl extensions for managing TMX files
libxml-tokeparser-perl_0.05-3_all.deb Simplified interface to XML::Parser
libxml-treebuilder-perl_5.4-2_all.deb XML parser providing XML::Elements DOM similar to HTML::Element
libxml-treepp-perl_0.43-1_all.deb Pure Perl module for parsing/writing XML files
libxml-treepuller-perl_0.1.2-1_all.deb pull interface to work with XML document fragments
libxml-twig-perl_3.50-1.1_all.deb Perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode
libxml-um-perl_0.01-9_all.deb Perl module for converting UTF-8 strings
libxml-validate-perl_1.025-3_all.deb xml validator factory
libxml-validator-schema-perl_1.10-2_all.deb Perl module to validate XML against a subset of W3C XML Schema
libxml-writer-perl_0.625-1_all.deb Perl module for writing XML documents
libxml-writer-simple-perl_0.12-1_all.deb simple API to create XML files
libxml-writer-string-perl_0.1-1_all.deb Capture output from XML::Writer
libxml-xpath-perl_1.44-1_all.deb Perl module for processing XPath
libxml-xpathengine-perl_0.14-1_all.deb re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees
libxml-xql-perl_0.68-8_all.deb Perl module for querying XML tree structures with XQL
libxml-xslt-perl_0.48-5_all.deb Perl module for processing XSLT
libxml-xupdate-libxml-perl_0.6.0-3_all.deb Perl module that implements XUpdate modification language
libxml2-dev_2.9.4+dfsg1-7+b3_i386.deb Development files for the GNOME XML library
libxml2-doc_2.9.4+dfsg1-7_all.deb Documentation for the GNOME XML library
libxml2-utils_2.9.4+dfsg1-7+b3_i386.deb XML utilities
libxml2_2.9.4+dfsg1-7+b3_i386.deb GNOME XML library
libxmlada-doc_18-4_all.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (documentation)
libxmlada-dom5_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (dom runtime)
libxmlada-dom8-dev_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (dom)
libxmlada-input5_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (input sources runtime)
libxmlada-input8-dev_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (input sources)
libxmlada-sax5_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (sax runtime)
libxmlada-sax8-dev_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (sax)
libxmlada-schema5_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (schema runtime)
libxmlada-schema8-dev_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (schema)
libxmlada-unicode5_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (unicode runtime)
libxmlada-unicode8-dev_18-4_i386.deb XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (unicode)
libxmlb-dev_0.1.6-2_i386.deb development files for libxmlb
libxmlb1_0.1.6-2_i386.deb Binary XML library
libxmlbeans-java_3.0.2-1_all.deb Java library for accessing XML by binding it to Java types
libxmlbeans-maven-plugin-java_2.3.3-4_all.deb Maven XMLBeans Plugin
libxmlbird-dev_1.2.10-1_i386.deb XML parser written in Vala (development files)
libxmlbird1_1.2.10-1_i386.deb XML parser written in Vala
libxmlenc-java_0.52+dfsg-5_all.deb Fast stream-based XML output library for java
libxmlezout5_1.06.1-12_i386.deb Easy-to-use library for emitting XML from Ada programs, runtime
libxmlezout6-dev_1.06.1-12_i386.deb Easy-to-use library for emitting XML from Ada programs, dev files
libxmlgraphics-commons-java-doc_2.3-1_all.deb Reusable components used by Batik and FOP (documentation)
libxmlgraphics-commons-java_2.3-1_all.deb Reusable components used by Batik and FOP
libxmlm-ocaml-dev_1.3.0-2_i386.deb OCaml xml manipulation module
libxmlplaylist-ocaml-dev_0.1.3-1+b7_i386.deb Playlist parser for various xml formats
libxmlrpc-c++8-dev_1.33.14-8+b1_i386.deb Lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP [C++ development libraries]
libxmlrpc-c++8v5_1.33.14-8+b1_i386.deb Lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP [C++ runtime libraries]
libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev_1.33.14-8+b1_i386.deb Lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP [C development libraries]
libxmlrpc-core-c3_1.33.14-8+b1_i386.deb Lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP [C runtime libraries]
libxmlrpc-epi-dev_0.54.2-1.2_i386.deb Development files for libxmlrpc-epi0, a XML-RPC request library
libxmlrpc-epi0_0.54.2-1.2_i386.deb XML-RPC request serialisation/deserialisation library
libxmlrpc-light-ocaml-dev_0.6.1-4+b5_i386.deb XmlRpc-Light is an XmlRpc library written in OCaml
libxmlrpc-lite-perl_0.717-2_all.deb client and server implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
libxmlrpc3-client-java_3.1.3-9_all.deb XML-RPC implementation in Java (client side)
libxmlrpc3-common-java_3.1.3-9_all.deb XML-RPC implementation in Java
libxmlrpc3-java-doc_3.1.3-9_all.deb XML-RPC implementation in Java (API documentation)
libxmlrpc3-server-java_3.1.3-9_all.deb XML-RPC implementation in Java (server side)
libxmlrpcpp-dev_1.14.3+ds1-5_i386.deb development files for Robot OS libxmlrpcpp
libxmlrpcpp2d_1.14.3+ds1-5_i386.deb Robot OS version of xml-rpc protocol library
libxmlsec1-dev_1.2.27-2_i386.deb Development files for the XML security library
libxmlsec1-doc_1.2.27-2_all.deb XML security library -- documentation
libxmlsec1-gcrypt_1.2.27-2_i386.deb Gcrypt engine for the XML security library
libxmlsec1-gnutls_1.2.27-2_i386.deb Gnutls engine for the XML security library
libxmlsec1-nss_1.2.27-2_i386.deb Nss engine for the XML security library
libxmlsec1-openssl_1.2.27-2_i386.deb Openssl engine for the XML security library
libxmlsec1_1.2.27-2_i386.deb XML security library
libxmltok1-dev_1.2-4_i386.deb XML Parser Toolkit, developer libraries
libxmltok1_1.2-4_i386.deb XML Parser Toolkit, runtime libraries
libxmltooling-dev_3.0.4-1_i386.deb C++ XML parsing library with encryption support (development)
libxmltooling-doc_3.0.4-1_all.deb C++ XML parsing library with encryption support (API docs)
libxmltooling8_3.0.4-1_i386.deb C++ XML parsing library with encryption support (runtime)
libxmltv-perl_0.6.1-1_all.deb modules related to the XMLTV file format for TV listings
libxmlunit-java-doc_1.6-1_all.deb Documentation for XMLUnit
libxmlunit-java_1.6-1_all.deb Unit testing for XML documents
libxmmsclient++-dev_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - client library for c++ - development files
libxmmsclient++-glib-dev_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - glib client library for c++ - development files
libxmmsclient++-glib1v5_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - glib client library for c++
libxmmsclient++4v5_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - client library for c++
libxmmsclient-dev_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - client library development files
libxmmsclient-glib-dev_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - glib client library - development files
libxmmsclient-glib1_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - glib client library
libxmmsclient6_0.8+dfsg-18.2_i386.deb XMMS2 - client library
libxmp-dev_4.4.1-2_i386.deb module file rendering library -- development files
libxmp4_4.4.1-2_i386.deb module file rendering library
libxmpcore-java_5.1.3-1_all.deb Adobe XMP Toolkit for Java
libxmpi4-dev_2.2.3b8-13.2_i386.deb Graphical user interface for MPI program development
libxmpi4_2.2.3b8-13.2_i386.deb Graphical user interface for MPI program development
libxmu-dev_1.1.2-2+b3_i386.deb X11 miscellaneous utility library (development headers)
libxmu-headers_1.1.2-2_all.deb X11 miscellaneous utility library headers
libxmu6_1.1.2-2+b3_i386.deb X11 miscellaneous utility library