debian-faq-fr - Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in French

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In this package you will find the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ, which gives
frequently asked questions (with their answers!) about the Debian distribution
(Debian GNU/Linux and others) and about the Debian project.
Some answers assume some knowledge of Unix-like operating systems.
However, as little prior knowledge as possible is assumed: answers to general
beginners questions will be kept simple.
The document is supplied in HTML, PDF, PostScript and plain text.
This is the translation in French of the original English FAQ (available in the
package debian-faq.)


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debian-faq-fr_9.0_all.deb 9.0 all Debian Main
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Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install debian-faq-fr deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install debian-faq-fr




2018-11-17 - Dr. Tobias Quathamer <>
debian-faq (9.0) unstable; urgency=medium
* Team upload.
[ Holger Wansing ]
* 2017-11-12: Add Dutch translation by Frans Spiesschaert (Closes: #881647)
[ Joost van Baal-Ilić ]
* debian/changelog: update old changelog entries 5.0.2+nmu1 and 8.1
(Closes: #762167, #806994)
* 2017-11-30: debian/control: remove Simon Paillard from Uploaders; he hasn't
been working on this package for 3 years.  As requested by Mattia Rizzolo /
MIA team.  Thanks Mattia.  Simon: thanks and please do keep committing!
(Closes: #873264)
* 2017-11-30: customizing.sgml: Add section "booting": "How does a Debian
system boot?", with patch with notes on systemd contributed by Alan Lee,
and further improved by Vincent McIntyre and Justin B Rye.  Thanks!
Add pointers to relevant 2014 CTTE decisions (The systemd debate).
Rename section "booting": "Every distribution seems to have a different
boot-up method. Tell me about Debian's." to "sysvinit": "And how about
Debian and traditional System V init".  Drop section "custombootscripts":
"What other facilities are provided to customize the boot process besides
rc.local?": it is relevant for System V init only and therefore does not
belong here.  Add section 'altboot': "And are there yet other ways of
booting a Debian system?" mentioning e.g. openrc.  (Closes: #787152)
* 2017-11-30: fr/Makefile, po4a/add_fr/adaptation.add,
po4a/add_fr/commentaires.add, po4a/po4a.cfg: apply patch: switch from
ISO-8859-15 to UTF-8 and allow using non-ascii characters in the po-file.
This also fixes a FTBFS: "Addendum po4a/add_fr/commentaires.add does NOT
apply to fr/debian-faq.sgml (translation discarded)".  Thanks Lucas
Nussbaum for the report and Baptiste Jammet for the patch (Closes: #851414,
* 2018-05-13: debian/control: we've migrated from svn to git and from
alioth to  Update Vcs tags.  Thanks a lot Marcos Fouces.
[ Javier Fernández-Sanguino ]
* 2017-06-20: ftparchives.sgml: Update releases and names. Update links in
comments to proper locations and add a link to Pixar's Toy Story in  Add missing codenames for future releases.
[ Baptiste Jammet ]
* 2017-02-01, 2017-02-06: po4a/po/fr.po: Updated french translation by Alban
Vidal, proofread by Jean-Paul Guillonneau and Baptiste Jammet
[ Beatrice Torracca ]
* 2017-01-21: po4a/po/it.po: Updated Italian translation
[ victory ]
* 2016-12-19: po4a/po/ja.po: update Japanese translation
[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* debian/source/format: remove extra space. Fixes lintian error
[ Dr. Tobias Quathamer ]
* Remove outdated and obsolete Chinese sgml files.
After the translation has been switched to po4a, the package
will FTBFS otherwise.
* Use debhelper v11
* Use HTTPS for some URLs
* Run wrap-and-sort

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