Debian Main amd64

Package Description
vlc-l10n_3.0.6-1_all.deb translations for VLC
vlc-plugin-access-extra_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer (extra access plugins)
vlc-plugin-base_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer (base plugins)
vlc-plugin-bittorrent_2.6-1_amd64.deb Bittorrent plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-fluidsynth_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb FluidSynth plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-jack_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb JACK audio plugins for VLC
vlc-plugin-notify_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb LibNotify plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-qt_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer (Qt plugin)
vlc-plugin-samba_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb Samba plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-skins2_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer (Skins2 plugin)
vlc-plugin-svg_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb SVG plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-video-output_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer (video output plugins)
vlc-plugin-video-splitter_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer (video splitter plugins)
vlc-plugin-visualization_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer (visualization plugins)
vlc-plugin-vlsub_0.10.2-2_all.deb VLC extension to download subtitles from
vlc-plugin-zvbi_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb transitional dummy package
vlc_3.0.6-1_amd64.deb multimedia player and streamer
vlevel_0.5.1-3_amd64.deb Levelling audio filter as command-line tool and LADSPA/JACK plugin
vlock_2.2.2-8_amd64.deb Virtual Console locking program
vlogger_1.3-4_all.deb virtual web logfile rotater/parser
vm_8.2.0b-5_all.deb mail user agent for Emacs
vmdb2_0.13.2+git20190215-1_all.deb creator of disk images with Debian installed
vmdebootstrap_1.11-2_amd64.deb Bootstrap Debian into a (virtual machine) disk image
vmdk-stream-converter_0.2-4_all.deb raw disk images to stream-optimized VMDK files convert tool
vmfs-tools_0.2.5-1+b2_amd64.deb Tools to access VMFS filesystems
vmg_3.7.1-3_amd64.deb Virtual Magnifying Glass
vmm-doc_0.6.2-2_all.deb Documentation for the Virtual Mail Manager
vmm_0.6.2-2_all.deb manage mail domains/accounts/aliases for Dovecot and Postfix
vmpk_0.4.0-3+b1_amd64.deb Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard
vmtouch_1.3.0-1_amd64.deb Portable file system cache diagnostics and control
vnc4server_4.1.1+X4.3.0+t-1_amd64.deb transitional package
vncsnapshot_1.2a-5.1+b2_amd64.deb A utility that takes JPEG snapshots from VNC servers
vnlog_1.16-1_all.deb Toolkit to read/write/manipulate whitespace-separated ASCII logs
vnstat_1.18-2_amd64.deb console-based network traffic monitor
vnstati_1.18-2_amd64.deb image output support for vnStat
vobcopy_1.2.0-7_amd64.deb Tool to copy DVD VOBs to hard disk
vocproc_0.2.1-2_amd64.deb LV2 plugin for pitch shifting and vocoding
voctomix-core_1.3-2_all.deb Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer (Core)
voctomix-gui_1.3-2_all.deb Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer (GUI)
voctomix-outcasts_0.8.0-1_all.deb Additional scripts to be used with Voctomix
voctomix_1.3-2_all.deb Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer
vodovod_1.10-4_amd64.deb puzzle game, you must lead the water to the storage tank
voikko-fi_2.2-1.1_amd64.deb Description of Finnish morphology written for libvoikko
vokoscreen_2.5.0-2_amd64.deb easy to use screencast creator
volatility-tools_2.6.1-1_all.deb generate profiles to Volatility Framework
volatility_2.6.1-1_all.deb advanced memory forensics framework
volti_0.2.3-7_all.deb control audio volume from system tray/notification area
volume-key_0.3.12-2+b1_amd64.deb Utility for manipulating storage encryption keys and passphrases
volumecontrol.app_0.8-1_amd64.deb Audio mixer for GNUstep
volumeicon-alsa_0.5.1+git20170117-1_amd64.deb systray volume icon for alsa
voms-clients-java_3.3.0-3_all.deb Virtual Organization Membership Service Java clients
voms-clients_2.1.0~rc0-5+b1_amd64.deb Virtual Organization Membership Service Clients
voms-dev_2.1.0~rc0-5+b1_amd64.deb Virtual Organization Membership Service C++ API Development Files
voms-doc_2.1.0~rc0-5_all.deb Virtual Organization Membership Service Documentation Files
voms-mysql-plugin_3.1.7-2+b1_amd64.deb VOMS server plugin for MySQL
voms-server_2.1.0~rc0-5+b1_amd64.deb Virtual Organization Membership Service Server
vor_0.5.7-3_amd64.deb 2D action game about dodging rocks in space
vorbis-tools_1.4.0-11_amd64.deb several Ogg Vorbis tools
vorbisgain_0.37-2+b1_amd64.deb add Replay Gain volume tags to Ogg Vorbis files
voro++-dev_0.4.6+dfsg1-3_amd64.deb library for the computation of the Voronoi diagram (dev files)
voro++-examples_0.4.6+dfsg1-3_all.deb library for the computation of the Voronoi diagram (examples)
voro++_0.4.6+dfsg1-3_amd64.deb library for the computation of the Voronoi diagram
voronota_1.19.2352-1_amd64.deb Voronoi diagram-based tool to find atom contacts
votca-csg-scripts_1.5-3_all.deb VOTCA's coarse-graining scripts
votca-csg-tutorials_1.5-3_all.deb VOTCA's coarse-graining tutorials
votca-csg_1.5-3_amd64.deb VOTCA's coarse-graining engine
voxbo_1.8.5~svn1246-3+b1_amd64.deb processing, statistical analysis, and display of brain imaging data
vpb-driver-source_4.2.61-1_all.deb Voicetronix telephony hardware driver source
vpb-utils_4.2.61-1_amd64.deb Voicetronix telephony hardware userspace tools
vpcs_0.5b2-2.1_amd64.deb virtual PC simulator for Dynamips
vpnc-scripts_0.1~git20190117-1_all.deb Network configuration scripts for VPNC and OpenConnect
vpnc_0.5.3r550-3_amd64.deb Cisco-compatible VPN client
vprerex_6.5.1-1_amd64.deb Qt interface to prerex, a course prerequisite chart editor
vpx-tools_1.7.0-3_amd64.deb VP8 and VP9 video codec encoding/decoding tools
vramsteg_1.1.0-1+b1_amd64.deb provide shell scripts with a full-featured progress indicator
vrfy_990522-10_amd64.deb verify electronic mail addresses
vrfydmn_0.9.1-2_all.deb Milter for ensuring email message from matches mail from
vrms_1.24_all.deb virtual Richard M. Stallman
vrrpd_1.0-2+b2_amd64.deb Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol user-space implementation
vsd2odg_0.9.6-2_amd64.deb Visio to OpenDocument converter
vsdump_0.0.45-1+b2_amd64.deb Convert Microsoft Visio diagrams .vsd, .vss
vsearch_2.10.4-1_amd64.deb tool for processing metagenomic sequences
vsftpd_3.0.3-12_amd64.deb lightweight, efficient FTP server written for security
vspline-dev_0.4.1-1_all.deb header-only C++ template library for uniform b-spline processing
vstream-client-dev_1.2-6.1+b2_amd64.deb Development headers for vstream-client
vstream-client_1.2-6.1+b2_amd64.deb library and utility to fetch media streams from a TIVO
vtable-dumper_1.2-1_amd64.deb tool to list content of virtual tables in a C++ shared library
vtgamma_0.4-2_all.deb gamma correction for terminals
vtgrab_0.1.8-3.1_amd64.deb A VNC like console monitoring
vtk-dicom-tools_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb DICOM for VTK - tools
vtk6-doc_6.3.0+dfsg2-2_all.deb VTK class reference documentation
vtk6-examples_6.3.0+dfsg2-2_all.deb VTK examples
vtk6_6.3.0+dfsg2-2+b5_amd64.deb Binaries for VTK6
vtk7-doc_7.1.1+dfsg1-12_all.deb VTK class reference documentation
vtk7-examples_7.1.1+dfsg1-12_all.deb VTK examples
vtk7_7.1.1+dfsg1-12+b1_amd64.deb Binaries for VTK7
vtprint_2.0.2-13+b1_amd64.deb Prints to term emulator via ANSI codes
vttest_2.7+20180911-1_amd64.deb tool for testing VT100 compatibility of terminals
vtun_3.0.3-4_amd64.deb virtual tunnel over TCP/IP networks
vtwm_5.4.7-5_amd64.deb Virtual Tab Window Manager
vulkan-tools_1.1.97+dfsg1-2_amd64.deb Miscellaneous Vulkan utilities
vulkan-utils_1.1.97+dfsg1-2_all.deb transitional package
vulkan-validationlayers-dev_1.1.97-2_amd64.deb Vulkan validation layers -- development files
vulkan-validationlayers_1.1.97-2_amd64.deb Vulkan validation layers
vuls_0.6.1-1+b10_amd64.deb Vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, agentless, written in Go
vulture_0.21-1.1_all.deb scans for unused ("dead") code in a Python program
vxi-dev_0.0.20121221-2_amd64.deb Development files for the VXI-11 RPC protocol
vym_2.6.11-3_amd64.deb mindmapping tool
vzctl_4.9.4-6_amd64.deb server virtualization solution - control tools
vzdump_1.2.6-5_all.deb OpenVZ backup scripts
vzquota_3.1-4_amd64.deb server virtualization solution - quota tools
vzstats_0.5.3-2_all.deb OpenVZ component to gather statistics to improve the project
w-scan_20170107-2_amd64.deb Channel scanning tool for DVB and ATSC channels
w1retap-doc_1.4.4-3_all.deb Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors (docs)
w1retap-mongo_1.4.4-3+b1_amd64.deb Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors (MongoDB plugin)
w1retap-mysql_1.4.4-3+b1_amd64.deb Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors (MySQL plugin)
w1retap-odbc_1.4.4-3+b1_amd64.deb Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors (ODBC plugin)
w1retap-pgsql_1.4.4-3+b1_amd64.deb Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors (PostgreSQL plugin)
w1retap-sqlite_1.4.4-3+b1_amd64.deb Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors (SQLite plugin)
w1retap_1.4.4-3+b1_amd64.deb Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors
w2do_2.3.1-8_all.deb simple text-based todo manager
w3-dtd-mathml_2.0.0.0-5_all.deb Mathematical Markup Language V2.0 DTD
w3c-linkchecker_4.81-10_all.deb tool to verify the links in a web page are still valid
w3c-markup-validator_1.3+dfsg-4_all.deb W3C Markup Validator
w3c-sgml-lib_1.3-2_all.deb DTD and catalog files
w3cam_0.7.2-6.2+b3_amd64.deb a simple CGI to retrieve images from video4linux device
w3m-el-snapshot_1.4.632+0.20181112-2_all.deb simple Emacs interface of w3m (development version)
w3m-el_1.4.569+0.20170110-5_all.deb simple Emacs interface of w3m
w3m-img_0.5.3-37_amd64.deb inline image extension support utilities for w3m
w3m_0.5.3-37_amd64.deb WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support
w9wm_0.4.2-8+b1_amd64.deb enhanced window manager based on 9wm
waagent_2.2.34-4_all.deb Windows Azure Linux Agent
wabt_1.0.8-1_amd64.deb WebAssembly Binary Toolkit
wadc_3.0-1_all.deb programming environment for creating Doom maps
waffle-utils_1.5.2-4_amd64.deb Waffle library (utilities)
wafw00f_0.9.5-1_all.deb identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall products
wah-plugins_0.1.0-4_amd64.deb auto-wah LADSPA plugin
wait-for-it_0.0~git20180723-1_all.deb script that will wait on the availability of a host and TCP port
wajig_2.18.1_all.deb unified package management front-end for Debian
wakeonlan_0.41-12_all.deb Sends 'magic packets' to wake-on-LAN enabled ethernet adapters
wallstreet_1.14-1.1_all.deb fill your console with Wall Street-like news and stats
wamerican-huge_2018.04.16-1_all.deb American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-insane_2018.04.16-1_all.deb American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-large_2018.04.16-1_all.deb American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-small_2018.04.16-1_all.deb American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican_2018.04.16-1_all.deb American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wammu_0.44-1.1_all.deb GTK application to control your mobile phone
wand-doc_0.4.4-3_all.deb Python interface for ImageMagick library - documentation
wapiti_3.0.1+dfsg-1_all.deb web application vulnerability scanner
wapua_0.06.3-1_all.deb Web browser for WAP WML pages
warmux-data_11.04.1+repack2-4_all.deb data files for the WarMUX game
warmux-servers_11.04.1+repack2-4_amd64.deb stand alone server and game index server for WarMUX
warmux_11.04.1+repack2-4_amd64.deb turn-based artillery game on 2D maps
warzone2100-data_3.2.1-3_all.deb data files for warzone2100
warzone2100-music_3.2.1-3_all.deb official music for warzone2100
warzone2100_3.2.1-3+b2_amd64.deb 3D real time strategy game
watch-maildirs_1.2.0-2.2_amd64.deb mswatch helper tools to watch maildirs and trigger on-demand syncs
watchcatd_1.2.1-3.1_amd64.deb Process monitoring daemon
watchdog_5.15-2_amd64.deb system health checker and software/hardware watchdog handler
watcher-api_1.12.0-3_all.deb OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - API server
watcher-applier_1.12.0-3_all.deb OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - Applier
watcher-common_1.12.0-3_all.deb OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - common files
watcher-decision-engine_1.12.0-3_all.deb OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - Decision Engine
watcher-doc_1.12.0-3_all.deb OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - doc
watson_1.6.0-6_all.deb Helps you monitoring your time (Python 3)
wav2cdr_2.3.4-2_amd64.deb Converts wav files into CD-ROM audio file format
wavbreaker_0.11-1+b2_amd64.deb tool to split wave files into multiple chunks
wavemon_0.8.2-1+b1_amd64.deb Wireless Device Monitoring Application
wavesurfer_1.8.8p5-1_all.deb Sound Manipulation Program
wavpack_5.1.0-6_amd64.deb audio codec (lossy and lossless) - encoder and decoder
wavtool-pl_0.20150501-1+b1_amd64.deb tool to concatenate wav files
wayland-protocols_1.17-1_all.deb wayland compositor protocols
wbar-config_2.3.4-9_amd64.deb GUI tool to configure wbar
wbar_2.3.4-9_amd64.deb light and fast launch bar
wbox_5-1+b2_amd64.deb HTTP testing tool and configuration-less HTTP server
wbrazilian_3.0~beta4-22_all.deb Brazilian Portuguese wordlist
wbritish-huge_2018.04.16-1_all.deb British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-insane_2018.04.16-1_all.deb British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-large_2018.04.16-1_all.deb British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-small_2018.04.16-1_all.deb British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish_2018.04.16-1_all.deb British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbulgarian_4.1-7_all.deb Bulgarian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcalc_2.5-3_amd64.deb Flexible command-line scientific calculator
wcanadian-huge_2018.04.16-1_all.deb Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-insane_2018.04.16-1_all.deb Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-large_2018.04.16-1_all.deb Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-small_2018.04.16-1_all.deb Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian_2018.04.16-1_all.deb Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcatalan_0.20111230b-12_all.deb Catalan dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcc_0.0.2+dfsg-3+b3_amd64.deb Collection of tools to manipulate binaries and shared objects
wcd_5.3.4-1+b2_amd64.deb saves time typing when you want to change directories
wcslib-dev_6.2-2_amd64.deb Header files and static library for wcslib and pgsbox
wcslib-doc_6.2-2_all.deb API documentation for wcslib
wcslib-tools_6.2-2_amd64.deb Command line tools utilizing wcslib
wcstools_3.9.5-3_amd64.deb Handle the WCS of a FITS image
wdanish_1.6.36-11_all.deb The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - wordlist
wdiff-doc_1.2.2-2_all.deb Documentation for GNU wdiff
wdiff_1.2.2-2+b1_amd64.deb Compares two files word by word
wdm_1.28-24_amd64.deb WINGs Display Manager - an xdm replacement with a WindowMaker look
wdutch_2.10-6_all.deb list of Dutch words
weather-util-data_2.3-2_all.deb optional correlation data for weather-util search feature
weather-util_2.3-2_all.deb command-line tool to obtain weather conditions and forecasts
weathermap4rrd_1.1.999+1.2rc3-3_all.deb script that generates picture network links utilization
webalizer_2.23.08-3.1_amd64.deb web server log analysis program
webapps-metainfo_0.1_all.deb Metadata for web applications
webauth-tests_4.7.0-7_all.deb Tests for the WebAuth authentication modules
webauth-utils_4.7.0-7_amd64.deb Command-line utilities for WebAuth authentication
webauth-weblogin_4.7.0-7_all.deb Central login server for WebAuth authentication
webcamoid-data_8.5.0+dfsg-2_all.deb icons and locale files for webcamoid
webcamoid-plugins_8.5.0+dfsg-2_amd64.deb full featured webcam capture application - plugins
webcamoid_8.5.0+dfsg-2_amd64.deb full featured webcam capture application
webcheck_1.10.4-1.1_all.deb website link and structure checker
webdeploy_1.0-2_all.deb Deploy files using FTP
webdis_0.1.4+dfsg-1+b1_amd64.deb simple web server providing an HTTP interface to Redis
webdruid_0.5.4-15_amd64.deb Web server log file analysis tool
webext-browserpass_2.0.22-2_amd64.deb web extension for the password manager pass
webext-bulk-media-downloader_0.2.1-3_all.deb Cross-browser extension to detect and download media resources
webext-dav4tbsync_0.15-1_all.deb Provide CalDAV & CardDAV for TbSync
webext-debianbuttons_2.3-2_all.deb Buttons for querying Debian-related pages with Firefox
webext-eas4tbsync_0.12-1_all.deb Provide Exchange ActiveSync (EAS v2.5 & v14.0) synchronization capabilities
webext-form-history-control_2.3.0.0+dfsg-1_all.deb extension to manage form history
webext-https-everywhere_2019.1.31-2_all.deb Extension to force the use of HTTPS on many sites
webext-lightbeam_2.1.0-2_all.deb visualize sites that may be tracking you around the internet
webext-noscript_10.1.9.6-2_all.deb permissions manager for Firefox
webext-privacy-badger_2019.2.19-1_all.deb Privacy Badger automatically learns to block invisible trackers
webext-proxy-switcher_0.3.9-1_all.deb Modify Proxy Settings for your Browser
webext-tbsync_1.7-1_all.deb Thunderbird/Lightning Add-On to support MS Exchange Calendar etc
webext-treestyletab_2.7.23-1_all.deb Show browser tabs like a tree
webext-ublock-origin_1.18.4+dfsg-2_all.deb general-purpose lightweight ads, malware, trackers blocker (Web Extension)
webext-umatrix_1.3.16+dfsg-2_all.deb browser plugin to block requests and reduce data leakage
webfs_1.21+ds1-12_amd64.deb lightweight HTTP server for static content
webhook_2.6.9-1_amd64.deb Small server for creating HTTP endpoints (hooks)
webhttrack-common_3.49.2-1_all.deb webhttrack common files
webhttrack_3.49.2-1_amd64.deb Copy websites to your computer, httrack with a Web interface
webissues_1.1.5-3_amd64.deb network system supporting team collaboration
webkit2gtk-driver_2.24.1-2_amd64.deb WebKitGTK WebDriver support
weblint-perl_2.32+dfsg-1_all.deb syntax and minimal style checker for HTML
webmagick_2.02-11_all.deb create gallery thumbnails for website
weborf-daemon_0.15-1_all.deb init script for weborf
weborf_0.15-1_amd64.deb Fast and small webserver meant to be run without root privileges
webp_0.6.1-2_amd64.deb Lossy compression of digital photographic images
webpack_3.5.6-3.1_all.deb Packs CommonJs/AMD modules for the browser
websimba_0.8.4-6_all.deb web interface for simba
websockify-common_0.8.0+dfsg1-10_all.deb WebSockets support for any application/server - shared files
websockify_0.8.0+dfsg1-10_amd64.deb WebSockets support for any application/server
websploit_3.0.0-2_all.deb Web exploitation framework
weechat-core_2.3-1_amd64.deb Fast, light and extensible chat client - core files
weechat-curses_2.3-1_amd64.deb Fast, light and extensible chat client - console client
weechat-dev_2.3-1_amd64.deb Fast, light and extensible chat client - development headers
weechat-doc_2.3-1_all.deb Fast, light and extensible chat client - documentation